2012 Nordic Pro Figure Championships

Fifteen women are slated to compete in the IFBB Nordic Pro Women’s Figure event held in Lahti, Finland. The women will have one last chance to qualify for the Olympia on September 8, 2012. Chances are we’ll see an unfamiliar name and face added to the Olympia line up from this show. Ann Pratt is the lone representative from the United States. European competitors have to be thrilled at this opportunity as many of the IFBB pro shows are held in the U.S. The event will also have a Fitness Expo.

Competitor’s list:

Kati Alander – Finland
Lynsey Beattie – England
Susanne Bock – Germany
Cristiana Casoni – Italy
Thea Erichsen – Norway
Gal Ferreira-Yates – Brazil
Maria Jose Garcia – Spain
Lisbeth Halikka – Finland
Anny Pratt – USA
Natalia Revajova Lenartova – Slovakia
Miriam Sanchez – Lo Pagan
Nina Sandvold Moe – Norway
Giada Simari – Italy
Heidi Simari – Finland
Larua Tolonen – Finland

For more information visit: http://www.fitnessexpo.fi or https://www.facebook.com/NordicPro.

Show info from IFBB Nordic Pro Championships promoter KP Ourama, via MD.

Transportation in Lahti
All the competitors will have a bus for the transportation in Lahti, from the hotel to the contest venue and back. We will give you all the exact time schedules as you enter the front desk or at the Airport as you arrive. Your friends can also come to bus with you.

Meeting fans at the Fitness Expo on Sunday

If you stay over Sunday and you want to meet your Finnish fans that can be easily done by contacting IFBB Nordic Pro main sponsor Mass Nutrition’s Robert Walker (robert@mass.fi). Robert is very pleased if you sit in his very BIG) booth on Sunday and you can have a seat, sell your merchandise, pose with the fans and talk to them.

Competition Schedule
13:00 (1.00 p.m.)
Athletes Meeting: Men’s Pro Bodybuilding & Women’s Pro Figure
All Athletes – Fitness Expo, Lahti Fair Centre (Athlete briefing & hand in music)

14:00 (2.00 p.m.)
Meet the IFBB Pro Champions
All Athletes – Fitness Expo, Lahti Fair Centre
If you want to sell your signed photographs or DVD’s or other merchandise, you are welcomed to attend “Meet the IFBB Pro Champions” where you will have your own desk and chair to meet the Finnish fans at the Expo.

19:00 (7.00 p.m.)
Pre-Judging and Finals
All Athletes – Fitness Expo, Lahti Fair Centre
Pre-Judging and finals will be held together. We are starting with Pro Figure Pre-Judging and moving to Men’s Pro Bodybuilding Pre-Judging. After a short break we will continue with the Finals.

Jan Tana Spray Tanning Services
IFBB Nordic Pro will have a Jan Tana Spray Tanning Services at the host hotel Cumulus (2nd floor) on Saturday from 07.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Please, make the reservation in advance and make sure that you will look good on stage! Price is 150 Euro (cash only).
Ask Nina Tanner about her services:
Email: nokoninnu@hotmail.com
Phone: +358 40 5681278

Make Up Services for Pro Figure Competitors
If you want to have a glamorous stage look you can book time for the Nordic Pro Official Make Up Artist Tiina Ylikahri. Please, contact to Tiina and make the reservation in advance! Make sure that you will look good on stage!
Email: tiina@puuteripilvi.fi
Phone: +358 40 3424549

If you want to have a workout or two, just let us know and you will be drive to our gym where you can train without disruption of people staring or asking you something. We have all the basic Precor Icarian Line equipments, free weights and some machines plus cardio equipments. Just tell us before you arrive when you want to have a workout and we will fix you a drive to the gym!

ATTENTION: Please let us know if you want to have a workout before the competition as you arrive. Let us know the date and times you want to train and we will take you to the gym by car.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.