SIA Snow Show Day One Photos

Yesterday, we hit the SIA Snow Show in Denver, Colorado to see what all the buzz was about. We heard it was “the place to be” and “the most important expo in the snow industry” so we had to see for ourselves. The show not only lived up to the hype it surpassed it. The expo, held at the Colorado Convention Center, was massive and filled with a variety of companies ranging from the big dawgs on the blog to new up-and-comers.

si snow show 2013

The check-in process was the easiest, most convenient way we’ve ever checked in for an event. Those who were pre-registered for media credentials walked to any number of computers, typed in the confirmation number and within seconds a media credential was on the printer. It took less than a minute from start to finish. If you’re an event organizer you should definitely take a chapter from the Snow Sports process for your credentials.

We’ll be highlighting a number of companies in the coming days but for now enjoy some of the sights from Day One. Follow us on instagram @hardbodynews to see all the photos as we hit the show and look for the tag #SIA2013 for more coverage.



2012 NPC Colorado State Championships Results and Photos

The NPC Colorado State Championships were held on July 14th in Denver, Colorado. Promoter Jeff Taylor move the venue to the Buell Theater, located in downtown Denver. The Overall winners of this event not only received the title of being the state champion they also take home a Josten’s sterling silver ring an a $250 Tokyo Joe’s Gift Card. Each competitor who entered also received a $25 Tokyo Joe’s gift card.

Bikini 35-40
1- Lara Fortune
2- Melissa Lorenzo
3- Gianna Ficco
4- Seaira Caldwell
5- Michelle Poirier
6- Christina Rockwell

Bikini 40+
1 – LeeAnn Johnson
2 – Lisa Romero
3 – Colleen Ruppe
4- Tracy Ludlow
5- Robin Repass
6- Jenny Brown
7- Heidi Boerstler

Overall Bikini Age Group Winner: LeeAnn Johnson

Bikini Novice A

1- Kendra Taylor

Bikini Novice B
1 – Emily Patton
2 – Nicole Mulleady
3 – Megan Varner
4 – Nita Williams
5 – Christina Rockwell
6 – Angela Giulitto
7 – Shaina Downing
8 – Olga Kirilchuk

Bikini Novice C
1 – Melissa Lorenzo
2 – Porcia Thompson
3 – Jackie Parra
4 – Brianne Bateman
5 – Julia Bell
6 – Nicole Maher

Bikini Novice D
1- Tarrah Speer
2- Aome Selk
3- Tanisha Millard
Bikini Novice Overall
Emily Patton

Bikini Open Class A
1- Sheina Heinicke
2- Jaime Benson
3- Jessica Romero

Bikini Open Class B
1- Chloe Miller
2- Gianna Ficco

Bikini Open Class C

1- Emily Patton
2- Krystie Velasco
3- Nita Williams
4- Christina Rockwell
5- Nicole Mulleady
6- Shaina Downing
7- Robin Repass
8- Olga Kirilchuk

Bikini Open Class D
1- Lisa Romero
2- Melissa Lorenzo
3- Jackie Parra
4- Jessica Romero(a)
5- Colleen Ruppe
6- Lara Fortune
7- Julia Bell

Bikini Open Class E

1- Alyssa Gross
2- Kelsea Androes
3- LeeAnn Johnson
4- Porchia Thompson
5- Tarrah Speer
6- Tracy Ludlow

Bikini Open Class F
1- Jenn Anderson
2- Whitney Rawlings
3- Dawn Weigum
4- Aome Selk
5- Inayah Hays

Bikini Overall CO STATE Champion and Winner of The RING: Emily Patton!

Figure 35-40
1- Tera Harrington
2- Andrea Willems
3- Shannon Mullin
4- LeeAnn Samaco

Figure 40-45
1- Renee Bosco
2- Angel Granieri
3- Linda Potter
4- Katherine Ewald

Figure 45-50
1- Sandy Davis
2- Leasa Schwaebe
3- Cynthia Rickerd

Figure 50+
1- Gina Dawn Thorpe
2- Missy Moore-Lee

Age Group Figure Overall Champion – Tera Harrington

Figure NOVICE A Class
1 – Sandy Davis
2 – Andrea Willems
3 – Cynthia Rickerd
4 – Katherine Ewald

Figure NOVICE B Class
1- Jeri Kafoed
2- Gina Dawn Thorpe

Figure NOVICE C Class

1- Jamie Byron
2- Shannon Mullin
3- Shannon Stitt


1 – Missy Moore-Lee

Fitness Overall CO STATE Champion and Winner of The RING:Missy Moore-Lee

OPEN Figure A Class
1 – Amy Manzanares
2 — Sandy Davis
3 — Andrea Willems
4 — Eraca Lee Sprague

OPEN Figure B Class

1 — Stephanie Spencer
2 – Tera Harrington
3 — Jeri Kofoed
4 — Angel Granieri
5 — Macy Mullins

OPEN Figure C Class
1 – Renee Bosco
2 — Amy Laner
3 — Jamie Byron
4 — Shannon Stitt
5 — Sarah Bork

OPEN Figure D Class
1 — Noora Kuusivuori
2 — Jessica Walter
3 — Linda Potter
4 — Jennifer Helms
5 — Amy Ferguson

OPEN Figure Overall CO STATE Champion & Winner of The RING:

Stephanie Spencer

Women’s Physique 40+
1- Sandy Davis
2- Mercy Gonzales

Women’s Physique A
1- Laura Gutilla
2- Sandy Davis
3- Angie Sprague

Women’s Physique B
1- Megan Casey
2- Mercy Gonzales

Women’s Physique C
1- Dalia McNeil

Women’s Physique CO State Overall Champion and Winner of The Ring: Laura Gutilla

Complete results & photo here!

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