Jaime Baird Named Fitness RX Women Online Editor-in-Chief

Congratulations to hardbody Jaime Baird on being named the new online editor-in-chief of FitnessRXwomen.com. Jaime found success on stage in the early stages of the IFBB Bikini division and has shown time and time again she’s more than just a bikini competitor. Jaime’s an inspiration to women whether they compete or not because of what she brings to the table and it has nothing to do with how fit her physique is.


Jaime has an extensive background in marketing and research and will take those talents to Advanced Research Media, publisher of Fitness RX Women.

Jaime is a Top-5 Olympia competitor who’s already demonstrated her talent for writing in the pages of FitnessRx for Women magazine. For the last year, Jaime has worked as a valuable staff writer on our print edition, as she’s conducted interviews with fitness experts and pros, and contributed articles on training secrets, the best supplements and workout programs, tips for sticking to fitness goals, and much more. As part of the FitnessRx team, Jaime has contributed not only her talent for journalism, but also her incredible work ethic, passion, and top-notch organizational skills that will be a valuable asset in her new role as Editor-in-Chief of the website.

Jaime’s vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition is also evidenced by her popular web column, “YOUR BEST,” and FitnessRx training videos. ARM is excited that Jaime will now use her expertise to manage and direct all web content at FitnessRxwomen.com, which is quickly becoming one of the industry’s top sources for fitness content.

FitnessRx for Women Publisher Elyse Blechman says, “The entire team at FitnessRx for Women would like to welcome Fitness champion Jaime Baird as the new Editor-in-Chief of FitnessRxwomen.com. We look forward to her energetic leadership and the creation of even more fantastic content, which you’ve come to expect. We know Jaime will bring FitnessRxwomen.com to the next level. Welcome aboard, Jaime!”

“I’m absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to help take FitnessRx For Women online to the next level,” Jaime says. “It’s an honor to be a part of the industry-leading Advanced Research Media team and a dream come true to have my career reflect my life’s mission: to empower women through fitness. I’m very grateful to the Steve and Elyse Blechman for believing in me and look forward to helping our readers look, feel and live their best.”

A little more on Jaime:
Jaime’s education and career has been in marketing and consumer research with a focus on motivation and emotions. Jaime has a Master’s in Communications and has served such brands as House of Blues, Universal and Nike. She started competing in 2007 as a “fun” outlet and because she says she needed balance. Jaime was working crazy hours, traveling weekly and not taking care of herself, she says. She found that fitness made her a lot more effective in everything that she did. “When I was eating right and training, I felt happier, stronger, more capable and more confident. That is when my passion for fitness grew, and I knew I wanted to help others, especially women, experience the power of fitness,” Jaime says.

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Jaime Baird Bikini Olympia Interview – “Fitness fuels life success.”

IFBB Bikini Pro Jaime Baird continues to refine her physique and has positioned herself as one of the leading ladies in the division. She will be heading to the Olympia once again this month and as with most competitors plans on bringing her best look to date. Bodybuilding.com caught up with the always professional Jaime for an interview where she talks about a busy schedule, staying focused and more.

Judging by your professional resume, you appear to juggle many interests at once. How do you balance your competitive aspirations with other important areas of your life?
It can definitely be a challenge. However, I feel that fitness has made me more effective in all areas of my life. I like to say: “Fitness fuels life success.” That said, time and energy are limited resources. For me, making good use of the early morning hours is a key to fitting it all in. I accomplish so much between the hours of 5-and-9 a.m. (there are fewer demands on my time early in the morning). Also, I’ve had to become extremely scheduled—accounting for every minute in a day. If I want to add something, I must delete something. So, I’ve had to become comfortable with saying “no” and prioritizing. Although to be honest, I still struggle with both from time to time. Sigh. Please send any tips and tricks my way.

Read the entire interview here.


2012 IFBB New York Pro Bikini Competitor Lists & Hardbody Preview

Twenty hardbody bikini women will take the stage at the New York Pro Championships this Saturday at the Tribecca Performing Arts Center. Looking at the line-up it is one of the toughest we’ve seen. The competition certainly doesn’t get any easier in the bikini division and I wouldn’t want to be a judge at this show. The top five at this competition will be one of the best we’ve seen just short of the Olympia and Bikini International. Let’s break down the field and go out on a limb with a few predictions.


1. Jessica Arevalo – Tracey, California
This is Jessica’s pro debut. She took the B Class at the 2011 NPC Nationals and will have a tough time in her first IFBB show. Can she hang? Ya but it won’t be easy in this line-up. If she cracks the top ten she should consider it a success.

2. Sandy Avelar – British Columbia, Canada
Sandy will also be making her pro debut and nothing like jumping into the deep end of the pool, right? We’ll see how she fairs in one of the toughest shows of the year. She will be able to use this as a good tune-up before the Toronto Pro show in a couple weeks.

3. Jaime Baird – Orlando, Florida
Jaime will undoubtedly be in the first call-out. She’s positioned herself as a top bikini pro and don’t look for that to change any time soon. She didn’t seem quite herself at the Pittsburgh Pro but look for her to be on point here and in the hunt for the win. If she’s calm, cool and in her zone she could win it. I also like her make-up less dark around her eyes as it didn’t seem to fit her look at the PA Pro.

4. Abigail Burrows – Las Vegas, Nevada
Miss Abigail. The big question is which Abbie will show up to the Big Apple. When she’s got her sh*t together she’s a top contender. If she’s distracted with the things happening away from the stage it takes its toll on what she brings to the stage. She was clearly way off her best at the Bikini International. If she’s collected herself and regrouped from that showing she’ll be in the mix here, if not she’ll be on the outside looking in.

5. Juliana Daniell – Atlanta, Georgia
JD has my favorite physique in this line-up and one of my top 3 in the entire Pro Bikini division. I like the athletic look she brings to the stage and if she brings a look similar to what we saw here last year and at the Bikini International she’ll be in the top spots. Juliana’s biggest challenge is relaxing and just doing her thing. If it’s not broke don’t fix it, right? Let’s hope she brings what she did in Columbus.

6. Tawna Eubanks – Dallas, Texas
Tawna was on the outside of the top spots at the PA Pro earlier this month and will be looking for a bit of redemption. This line-up is tougher than the one we saw in Pittsburgh so if she can climb up from her 7th place finish it will be a success.

7. Diana Graham – Duvall, Washington OUT DUE TO ILLNESS
Diana will likely be in one of the top spots at this show. I don’t see her finishing higher than third but don’t count her out of a the top five. I’ve been critical of her distracting boobs and it’s a sentiment that judges have shared with me. If she can find a way to not make them a talking point and focus on her physique she’ll be in the hunt.  The boys at Getbig.com highly praise Diana for being one of the curviest competitors on the stage and always welcome her.

8. Janet Harding – Yardley, Pennsylvania
Janet is a persistent competitor. Her biggest challenge are the little details like her tanning and hair. When her hair is too big and curly it’s distracting. She’s almost never dark enough with her tan when on stage. If she can tweak those little details she’ll move up from the bottom of the pack.

9. Melinda Janiszewski – Atlanta, Georgia
Melinda had a respectable showing at the Pittsburgh Pro. If she can crack the top ten here it will be a success. She’s definitely improved her physique from what we saw in her pro debut at this show, two years ago.

10. Tabitha Klausen Leandri – Clinton, Connecticut Tabitha has withdrawn due to injury.
Tabitha can move up from her Pittsburgh 14th place finish if she takes the stage with confidence. When she presented in Pittsburgh she didn’t seem confident and she has every reason to be confident. I’d like to see her take the stage like a Victoria Secret’s Runway model. Tabitha is one of the taller competitors and she has a long torso, so for her it’s all in how she presents it. Improved presentation = improved placing for Tabitha.

11. Kristal Martin – Gaithersburg, Maryland
Kristal was at the bottom pack in her pro debut. Now that she got the first time pro jitters out of the way and knows what she needs to improve upon, look for her to present a better package. She needs a different colored suit than Pittsburgh and her physique needs to be a bit fuller. If she changes that she’ll move up.

12. Bernadett Matassa – Hungary
Bernadett rocks short blonde hair and I’m not sure it works for her. She used to have some goofy poses but she learned to leave those behind. I’d like to see her with longer hair, more relaxed posing and a bit softer in the upper body. Will we see any of that in New York? Not likely.

13. Taylor Matheny – Sand Springs, Oklahoma
Taylor has a rock’n physique and is adorable. She still struggles with her posing and in order to crack the top spots she’ll need to improve her posing. She was third at the St. Louis Pro which was a great finish for her. Placing that high her won’t be as easy. I’d like to see her tan a little darker as well. I like her look and if she can relax and polish her posing she’ll be in the hunt.

14. Heather Nappi – Novi, Michigan
Heather is coming off a 13th place finish at the Pittsburgh Pro and if she can crack the top ten here she’ll be doing good. She’s been as high as fifth but given the line up here it will be a tough placing to match. I like the look she brought to the Florida Pro to close out 2011.

15. Cecile Palacios – New York, New York
Cecile will be making her pro debut after winning the F class at the 2011 NPC Nationals. She will have to pose her body in a curvy manner as one of the taller women in the show. This will be a great test for her because if she can crack the top 10 here it will be a success.

16. India Paulino – Pembroke Pines, Florida
India has momentum on her side and the odds on favorite to two in a row. She was runner-up at the Bikini International and brought a winning look to Pittsburgh. I swear the girl is going to break a hip with her little shimmy shake she does at the end of her individual posing presentation. She can get away with it because it fits her sassy personality. Count on her to wear a yellow bikini suit because it works. India’s “assets” can also be distracting if just looking at photos but when you see her present, her attitude and presentation make you focus on her physique and not her boobs.

17. Kristy Robbins – Palm Harbor, Florida
Kristy looked good in Pittsburgh and I would have placed her higher than 9th. I would like to see her compared to the top women if she brings the same look to the stage as she did in Pittsburgh. Look for her in the top ten here and if she struts he stuff and catches the eye of the judges in the individual presentation look for her to be in the hunt.

18. Yeshaira Robles – Bronx, New York
Yeshaira has the best energy. In some poses she’s smiling and cute but then she’ll flip a switch and give you a sexy diva look. I dig it. She has the physique of a top contender, a tight booty and positioning herself as one of the leading ladies in bikini. I look for her to be in the top spots once again here.

19. Skye Taylor – Las Vegas, Nevada
Skye looked her best at the Houston Pro where she finished second. She’ll have her work cut out for her to crack the top five here but look for to be in contention if she brings a similar look.

20. Talia Terese – Vallejo, California
Talia oh Talia, which Talia will we see in New York? If the Talia we saw at the 2011 NPC USA shows up she’s top five no question. If she shows up like she did in her pro debut she won’t be in the top 10. Talia is one of the most beautiful women in the division but she has yet to find her groove as a pro. She finished in fourth at the 2011 Sacramento Pro and will have a tough time placing higher than that here but without question she can do it if she brings the USA look.

So who wins? Who finishes in the top five? As you can see the judges will have a VERY difficult time sorting this one out. It will come down to the little details like tanning, hair, posing and presentation. If everyone was 100% and presented their best physique to date I’d go with Juliana Daniell for the win however I doubt the judges will agree with me.

1. Jaime Baird
2. India Paulino
3. Juliana Daniell
4. Yeshaira Robles
5. Talia Terese

1. India Paulino
2. Jaime Baird
3. Yeshaira Robles
4. Abigail Burrows
5. Talia Terese


Who do you like for the win? Post your comments below and when tweeting about the show use #NYPRO. Our West Coast correspondent Ron Avidan will be in attendance covering all the action. You can also check out NPCnewsonline.com, FLEXonline.com and MuscularDevelopment.com for coverage.

Saturday – May 19, 2012

Tribecca Performing Arts Center
199 Chambers Street
New York, NY

Prejudging: 11am EST
Finals: 6pm EST

More info: BevFrancis.com

Note that all competitor meetings will be held at the venue site, the Tribecca Performing Arts Center, 199 Chambers Street, New York, NY at the following times:
9:00 am: Bikini
9:15 am: Open Bodybuilding
9:30 am: Figure
9:45 am: 212
10:00 am: Women’s Physique

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.