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Swann Cardot Aka Frenchy Crowned New IFBB Pro

If you’ve been a visitor to this website the name Swann Cardot is a familiar one. I first interviewed the tiny dancer from France in November of 2011. She put together an impressive winning streak in the amateur NPC Figure ranks and had the looks to match the on-stage physique. Today Swann learned that she was granted IFBB Pro status from her native country of France. She earned IFBB Pro status with her impressive amateur competitions resume. Since she’s not a U.S. Citizen she wasn’t permitted to compete in NPC pro qualifiers.


Swann isn’t the first to successfully petition for a pro card from her native country. Bikini Olympia Champion, Nathalia Melo did it. Dina Al-Sabah did it years ago by cleaning house in Figure. Arnold bound Marcela Tribin petitioned successfully in her homeland of Columbia. Join me in congratulating Swann aka Frenchy in her announcement. Swann shared she was super excited with the news and still in a state of shock. She is looking at the New York Pro as her pro debut.

swan-trxSwann demonstrating her ninja flexibility skills.

Last year around this time we shared “Follow Frenchy” as she headed into the Arnold Amateur. Check it out to learn more about her and her journey to last year’s Arnold Amateur competition. Swann is a great example of never giving up on a goal, staying focused and determined.


Congrats Swann and welcome to the pros. Follow Swann on Twitter & like her Facebook page.

Behind The Hardbody: A Dancer Named Swann

I ran across Swann Cardot on Facebook and her look caught my attention. I checked out her web site and you could see from her photos that this woman had something special. During the Olympia weekend I had the opportunity to photograph Swann and she was stunning. Swann, without question, has one of the most promising physiques I’ve seen in some time. If you doubt me just take one look at her competitive resume and you’ll see the judges agree. Swann has won her height class (and overall) in every show she’s entered. I caught up with Swann to get to know the woman behind the Hardbody.

Name: Swann Cardot

Born in: Paris

When did you move to the USA:
About 3 years ago.

Currently live in: New York

Any brothers or sisters? I have 1 sister and 1 brother, both much older then me.

Number of languages you speak: French and English

How old were you when you starting dancing? 4 years old

How many different dance disciplines have you participated in – which ones? Ballet, Jazz, Contempory, Salsa, Theatre Dance and Hip-hop

Favorite one: Jazz

Do you consider yourself an artist:

While dancing how many hours a day did you train?
3 to 6 hours, sometimes more.

Do you watch dancing with the stars?
I do sometimes. At the moment, I follow the episodes of Born To Dance.

How old were you when you started weight training?

What lead you to working out? I had the feeling I needed to flip my whole life around. I had the desire for a new drive.


Swann at the Olympia.

How did you get started in the competition world?
I discovered this world during the 2010 Mr Olympia weekend in Las Vegas. I was completely amazed and fascinated by everything I saw. As a dancer, I already had the inner strength to be disciplined and dedicated. I was used to physically challenging myself. I loved performing on stage so I knew it would be something I would enjoy.

Competition show history:
2011 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States – NY
2011 NPC Europa Battle of Champions – CT
2011 NPC NJ East Coast Championship – NJ
Coming up: NPC Easterns USA – NY
**Update – Swan won her class and the overall at the 2011 NPC Easterns keeping her undefeated streak alive.

Swann has won every show she entered and continued her winning streak at the 2011 NJ East Coast Championships this weekend where she won her class and overall once again.

So you’ve done pretty damn good in Figure to say the least. What’s been the biggest challenge for figure competitions? Figuring out the best diet plans for myself on my first contest preparations was a very hard and stressful challenge. I did not know much about nutrition at the time and was constantly doubting or wondering if I was doing it right.

What lead you to the NPC? As I was searching for my first competition date, I discovered the National Physique Committee online, I looked further into it and it appeared to be a very well organized community, with high quality events.

Do you think your dance background has helped you with competing now? I believe it has for sure. Aside from training I think my dance background has helped me with my performance on stage, posing, posture and confidence.

What’s your breakfast consist of:
Oat meal, egg whites or protein shake.

Do you lift heavy or light and high reps?
Heavy, 10-12 reps.

Favorite exercise to train? Shoulder presses (favorite body part to train: shoulders & back)

Your favorite body part? Shoulders and abs


Swann wins the Overall Europa Hartford

What comment do you find you get a lot from people? “Jacked” (blushing) this is the best comment I get, I love it because this is the look I always wanted to get and have worked for.

Favorite competitor:
Ava Cowan is the first athlete who caught my eyes, I also admire Dana Linn Bailey.

Supplements you take and would recommend to other women:
CLA which I have been taking daily. Protizime peanut butter is my favorite protein shake, I look forward to it every day.

Best advice anyone has given you? “Follow your guts”

What do you do for your job now? I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

What’s your long term goal in the fitness world?
Turning pro, building a name for myself as a competitor and fitness model.

Favorite place you’ve visited? I don’t think there is any place like New York but I adore this little city called “Namur” in Belgium. The architecture is beautiful, lots of artisanal places to eat and unique boutiques for shopping!

How much does your weight change between shows? 5 pounds most.

Have you carried a gallon of water to the gym before? Yes, I force myself to do so every day.

Where can people find more info about you? Facebook or my website

Anyone you want to thank?
First of all, I would like to thank my two best girl friends who have been best supporters all the way. Thanks to Fakhri Mubarak who helps me today on my prep and diet, he is The Best and I am very grateful to have him and his believe in me. Big shout out to my sponsors “Natural Body Inc” and “Life Health & Fitness” and everyone who have come my way on this new road. I never thought life could be so fulfilling!

Keep your eye out for Swan in the Fitness magazines. You’ll be seeing a lot more of this Hardbody woman in the months ahead. Swann will be competing at the NPC Easterns next weekend where she will look to earn another overall title.

2013 Olympia Competitor Lists

The 2013 Olympia will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 26-29th. The lists are out and while some qualified for the big show not all will be competing. The official competitor lists with the 131 competitors who are in the event can be found below.


Notables not competing on the women’s front are Tina Durkin in Fitness. Tina was third last year but due to an injury she’ll be sitting this one out en route to a recovery.

2013 Fitness Olympia Competitors (14)
1. Michelle Blank
2. Myriam Capes
3. Bethany Cisternino
4. Regiane Da Silva
5. Nicole Duncan
6. Ryall Graber-Vasani
7. Oksana Grishina
8. Fiona Harris
9. Tanji Johnson
10. Whitney Jones
11. Diana Monteiro
12. Natalie Planes
13. Trish Warren
14. Adela Garcia

The Bikini division might have the biggest shake up in terms of top competitors sitting out this year for various reasons. Four of the top six from 2012 will not be back this year. Last year’s runner-up and the 2011 champ, Nicole Nagrani will not be in the line-up for the first time since its inception. She opted out to focus on her education, Dianna Dahlgren announced her retirement at the end of last year. Jaime Baird has decided not to compete and Sonia Gonzales is expecting her first child.

2013 Bikini Olympia Competitors (22)
1. Stacey Alexander
2. Gigi Amurao
3. Jennifer Andrews
4. Jessica Arevalo
5. Narmin Assria
6. Tiffany Boydston
7. Michelle Brannan
8. Candice Conroy
9. Lacey Deluca
10. Tawna Eubanks
11. Ashley Kaltwasser
12. Courtney King
13. Vladimira Krasova
14. Amanda Latona
15. Ashley LeBlanc
16. Polliana Moss
17. Justine Munro
18. Noemi Olah
19. India Paulino
20. Yeshaira Robles
21. Anna Virmajoki
22. Nathalia Melo

2013 Ms. Olympia Competitors (13)
1. Jennifer Abshire
2. Rita Bello
3. Juanita Blaino
4. Brigita Brezovac
5. Tina Chandler
6. Anne Freitas
7. Monique Jones
8. Tammy Jones
9. Debi Laszewski
10. Cathy LeFrancois
11. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
12. Alina Popa
13. Iris Kyle

2013 Women’s Physique Olympia Showdown (16)
1. Dana Linn Bailey
2. Tycie Coppett
3. Valerie Gangi
4. Karin Hobbs
5. Sara Hurrle
6. Julianna Malacarne
7. Tamee Marie
8. Patricia Mello
9. Karina Nascimento
10. Venus Nguyen
11. Mindi O’Brien
12. Jamie Pinder
13. Jillian Reville
14. Mikaila Soto
15. Sabrina Taylor
16. Toni West

2013 Figure Olympia (18)
1. Kati Alander
2. Dana Ambrose
3. Swann Cardot
4. Heather Dees
5. Allison Frahn
6. Mallory Haldeman
7. Candice John
8. Candice Keene
9. Candice Lewis
10. Kamla Macko
11. Camala Rodriquez
12. Kim Sheppard
13. Genn Strobo
14. Alea Suarez
15. Ann Titone
16. Natalie Waples
17. Nicole Wilkins
18. Erin Stern

2013 Men’s Physique Olympia Showdown (16)
1. Matthew Acton
2. Michael Anderson
3. Tyler Anderson
4. Anton Antipov
5. Jeremy Buendia
6. Alex Carneiro
7. Matt Christianer
8. Steve Cook
9. Sadik Hadzovic
10. Stephen Mass
11. John Nguyen
12. Jason Poston
13. Jeff Seid
14. William Sillivan
15. Mark Anthony Wingson
16. Tory Woodward

2013 212 Olympia Showdown (12)
1. Sami Al Haddad
2. Troy Alves
3. Al Auguste
4. Guy Cisternino
5. Eduardo Correa
6. Mark Dugdale
7. Kevin English
8. David Henry
9. Tricky Jackson
10. Raul Carrasco Jimenez
11. Jose Raymond
12. James Flex Lewis

2013 Mr. Olympia (20)
1. Baitollah Abbaspour
2. Lionel Beyeke
3. Evan Centopani
4. Brandon Curry
5. Jay Cutler
6. Mamdouh Elssbiay “Big Ramy”
7. Toney Freeman
8. Kai Greene
9. Phil Heath
10. Dexter Jackson
11. Johnnie Jackson
12. Steve Kuclo
13. Victor Martinez
14. Cedric McMillan
15. Essa Obaid
16. Robert Piotrkowicz
17. Shawn Rhoden
18. Branch Warren
19. Roelly Winklaar
20. Dennis Wolf

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Candice John Wins The 2013 Tournament of Champions Pro Figure – Complete Results

Thirteen women entered the 2013 IFBB Tournament of Champions Figure competition in hopes of qualifying for the Olympia. The event was the last opportunity to qualify for the IFBB Pro League’s biggest competition. For the competitors the stakes were high but clear… Win and you’re in. Finish in the top five and you collect points in the Olympia Point Series. Leading into today’s show, mathematically, only three women could qualify via the point system. Victoria Adelus, Kim Sheppard and Candice John were in position to leave with a ticket to the big show even if they didn’t win but did finish in the top four.


They were locked in a three-way tie for sixth place. Each had 7 points and needed two or more points to get in (fifth only offers one point). This is where things get a bit more interesting. Should one of them win, then it would come down to who finished the highest of the other two. That’s exactly how it played out in Culver City this evening.

Candice John has been competing for most of the year and her placings have been a bit of a roller coaster. She was 13th at the Figure International in March but followed it up with a third place finish at the Pittsburgh Pro. She was fifth in Toronto but dropped to 16th in Tampa. One week later she moved up to 6th at the Dallas Europa and then last week improved to 3rd at the Valenti Cup. She was the unanimous winner on the judges’ scoresheet and leaves with an Olympia qualification. This is Candice’s second pro victory, her first pro win was the 2012 Pittsburgh Pro. Candice will enjoy the victory for a short bit but then it’s on to the Olympia where she’ll look to break the top 10 for the first time.

Victoria Adelus has been constantly improving the little details throughout the year. Her biggest challenge had been coming in full and not looking too stringy. She seemed to find the right formula in her previous two shows and came to California looking sharp. Unfortunately, Victoria came up just short and had to settle for third. There’s no shame in third however when one placing determines your fate for the Olympia, it has to be bitter sweet. Kim Sheppard had her best finish as a pro with the second place finish. She was 4th at last week’s Valenti Cup and before that was in 12th at the Dallas Europa. Kim had a pair of top five finishes earlier in the year with a 4th in Omaha and 3rd at the California pro. The second place finish earned her enough points to qualify for the Olympia.

Sasha Brown had her highest finish in her pro career in fourth and rounding out the top five was Latorya Watts. Latorya was just one point behind Sasha for fifth. Latorya has consistently been in the top spots since winning the 2013 NPC USA overall figure title.

Prejudging photos on

2013 The Tournament of Champions Pro Figure Results:
1. Candice John
2. Kim Sheppard
3. Victoria Adelus
4. Sasha Brown
5. Latorya Watts
6. Vicki Dowell
7. Bjoana Vasiljevic
8. Beckie Boddie
9. Julie Mayer-Hyman
10. Alissa Parker
11. Olga Morales
12. Donna Lisa Rapoza
13. Karina Grau

Visit for more TOC coverage.

Prejudging Callouts via Ron Avidan:
1st Callout: Victoria Adelus, Kim Sheppard, Sasha Brown, Candice John

2nd Callout: Beckie Boddie, Vicki Dowell, Julie Mayer-Hyman, Latorya Watts, Bojana Vasiljevic, Sasha Brown

3rd Callout: Karina Grau, olga Morales, Alissa Parker, DonnaLisa Rapoza

4th Callout: Victoria Adelus, Kim Sheppard, Candice John

Figure Olympia Point Series Top 5 and qualified for the Olympia.
1. Kamla Macko 16
2. Natalie Waples 13
2. Swann Cardot 13
2. Allison Frahn 13
5. Kim Sheppard 11

The next IFBB Pro show will be the Olympia in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information on the Olympia visit

2013 IFBB Tournament of Champions Preview – Last Chance For the Big Dance

The Tournament of Champions better known as the TOC is the last chance for the women of the IFBB Figure division to qualify for the Olympia. Win and you’re in. Those who finish in second through fifth collect points but for most women the points won’t matter however for a few they will should they come up just short of winning. The action takes place on Saturday, September 7th in Culver City, California.



The top four spots are set for through the Olympia point series. Kamla Macko is the top seed in the points and is in the Olympia. There’s a three-way tie for second between Natalie Waples, Swann Cardot and Allison Frahn. Those three women are also in the Olympia because mathematically no one else can tie them (13 points). Aleisha Hart is currently in fifth place with 9 points, reports are that she will not be competing in the TOC or the Olympia should she remain in 5th place. That leaves a few women with the opportunity to head to the Olympia should they not win but finish in the top spots.

Victoria Adelus, Candice John and Kim Sheppard are all tied for 6th place with seven points. They need to finish in fourth place (2 points) or higher in order to knock Hart out of the fifth spot. Which ever woman finishes higher, if in the top four, will qualify and head to the Olympia. Julie Mayer-Hyman has entered the TOC and is a long shot but could get in should she finish in second but only in second because she’s sitting with five points heading into the show. Other women have the points however are not entered in the contest and unless they do between now and Saturday, will not be a factor.


Latorya Watts has two fourth place finishes to her credit since winning the overall NPC USA Figure title. She has a tiny waist, broad shoulders however her hips are a bit narrow which can throw her symmetry off. As a rookie pro, she’s lighting the stage up and becoming a fan favorite. You have to figure she’ll be in the mix. Victoria Adelus has been on a bit of a steak herself. She’s coming off a carer best as a pro with a third place finish at the Tahoe Pro. She landed in fourth a week prior to that at the Dallas Europa. If Victoria can bring a similar look as she has to those shows she’ll be in the mix. Candice John has also been moving up in her placings as the season progresses. She was outside the pack against some of these women in Tahoe but moved up into third behind Macko and Stern last week at the Valenti Gold Cup. Candice has the potential and could be a top contender here. Julie Mayer-Hyman was second at the Europa pro show and dropped slightly to fifth at the Tahoe Pro. Julie will need a win or a second place finish in order to head to Vegas for the Olympia. She’ll have her work cur out for her but it’s not impossible. Kim Sheppard is another top threat and if her conditioning is on point could a contender.

Dark Horses:
Vicki Dowell debuted in Tahoe with a 13th place finish. If she brings better conditioning she could move up into the top five mix. She has the structure to hold her own in this line-up. Alissa Parker has the muscle and the structure to shake things up in her pro debut. She was second at the NPC Jr. Nationals and took top honors at this year’s Team Universe contest in July.

2013 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Figure Line-up:
1. Victoria Adelus
2. Beckie Boddie
3. Sasha Brown
4. Vicki Dowell
5. Karina Grau
6. Candice John
7. Julie Mayer-Hyman
8. Olga Morales
9. Alissa Parker
10. Donna Lisa Rapoza
11. Kim Sheppard
12. Bojana Vasiljevic
13. Latorya Watts

Get photos from the event on and for more information visit


2013 IFBB Valenti Gold Cup Results & Olympia Points Update

The 2013 IFBB Valenti Gold Cup was the final opportunity for pro Bikini and Men’s Physique competitors to qualify for the Olympia. The Figure division has one more show before the field is set. The second year Sarasota show offered more prize money to the women than the men, which is a unique and welcome change from the norm. Erin Stern entered the show as the odds-on favorite to win and delivered. The two-time Figure Olympia champ won in unanimous fashion over a competitive field.


Kamla Macko finished in second and rounding out the top three was Trinidad’s Candice John. Macko debuted at this show last year and held her own once again in her second pro season. Candice John has been up and down in her placings but she’s steadily improved over her last two shows. Kim Sheppard took home fourth place and fifth went to Agnese Russo. Agnese and Kim have both improved their physiques and posing over the course of this season.

The current Figure Olympia point standings with one show to have the top four women locked in. Mathmatically the four women in sixth could get in if they were to finish in fourth or higher at next week’s Tournament of Champions. Fourth place is 2 points, 3rd is three points and 2nd offers 4 points. If Victoria Adelus, Natalia Revajova Lenartova, Kim Sheppard or Candice John finish in the top four they will lock in the fifth spot. I’ve been told that Aleisha Hart does not plan to compete at this time.

1. Kamla Macko 16
2. Natalie Waples 13
2. Swann Cardot 13
2. Allison Frahn 13
5. Aleisha Hart 9
6. Victoria Adelus 7
6. Natalia Revajova Lenartova 7
6. Kimberly Sheppard 7
6. Candice John 7

2013 IFBB Valenti Gold Cup Figure Results:
1. Erin Stern
2. Kamla Macko
3. Candice John
4. Kim Sheppard
5. Agnese Russo
6. Kat Ramirez
7. Bernita Stuckey
8. Holly Beck
9. Kiana Phi
10. Danielle Sereluca
11. Rebecca Schubeck
12. Heather Nappi
13. Melissa Smith
14. Jennifer Brown
15. Margarita Charaim
16. Eleni Kritkopoulou
16. Kristina Rojas
16. Jennifer Taylor

The Bikini competition was one that had many people who follow the division watching very closely. There were a few scenarios that could help or bump women in the point standings and at when the dust settled it left Noemi Olah in the winner’s circle. Noemi was in the mix for the point series however she removed herself from the list by winning her second pro show. Noemi’s first victory came in her debut at the 2012 Detroit Pro. The Hungarian beauty has improved her physique and a welcome addition to the Olympia line-up. Florida’s own Brittany Tacy edged out Gigi Amurao by one point for the runner-up spot. Despite the second place finish, Brittany will not make it to the Olympia stage this year. Gigi however locked in enough points with her third place finish to compete at the Olympia next month. Newcomer Carolina Silva finished in fourth, her second top five finish in as many shows. Sarah LeBlanc followed up her top five finish at the St. Louis pro with the fifth place spot here.

1. Lacey DeLuca – 14
2. Tiffany Marie Boydston – 13
2. Jessica Arevalo – 13
2. Tawna Eubanks – 13
2. Gigi Amurao – 13

2013 IFBB Valenti Gold Cup Bikini Results:
1. Noemi Olah
2. Brittany Tacy
3. Gigi Amurao
4. Carolina Silva
5. Sarah LeBlanc
6. Stephanie Mahoe
7. Yarisha Ayala Otero
8. Sana Shah
9. Simone Sinclaire
10. Bernadett Matassa
11. Joanne Holden
12. Maria Chase
13. Danielle Carr
14. Angeles Burke
15. Michelle Johnson
16. Kamilah Powell

Congratulations to all the women who competed in this show and achieved their goals. Best of luck to those heading to the Tournament of Champions next week in California. One more show to go before the big one in Las Vegas.

2013 IFBB Tahoe Pro Figure Preview & Competitors’ List

Twenty-one IFBB Figure Pros have sent their contracts in to compete at the first IFBB Tahoe Pro Women’s Figure event. The show will be held in Lake Tahoe, Nevada on August 24, 2013. This is one of the few remaining shows where the women can qualify for the Figure Olympia. The winner heads to the big dance, the top four earn points in the Olympia Point Series. The five women with the most points before the Olympia, will get invites to the show.


Olympia Point Series
Allison Frahn is in the mix with 9 points and tied for foruth. Kimberly Sheppard could get into the hunt as she sits in 8th with five points. Wendy Fortino, Candice John, Julie Mayer-Hyman and Victoria Adelus all have four points and could make a run at the point series if they finish in the top three. It will be interesting to see how these women fair and if they gain points towards the Olympia.

1. Natalie Waples – 13
1. Swann Cardot – 13
3. Kamla Macko – 12
4. Aleisha Hart – 9
4. Allison Frahn – 9
6. Kati Alander – 6
6. Bernita Stuckey – 6
8. Ava Cowan – 5
8. Kimberly Sheppard – 5
10. Natalia Revajova – 4
10. Teresa Anthony – 4
10. Wendy Fortino – 4
10. Candice John – 4
10. Linda Andrew – 4
10. Julie Mayer-Hyman – 4
10. Victoria Adelus – 4

If you were to gamble on who might be in the top three it would be smart to roll the dice on Mallory Haldeman, Allison Frahn and Julie Mayer-Hyman. Mallory won the Tampa Pro earlier this month and if she’s able to present her physique in a calm, relaxed manner she could lock in another win. She wasn’t 100% in Tampa but showed definitely improvement in her back and her posing. At the night show her hair/makeup was much better than prejudging and she seemed more relaxed. If she can duplicate her night showing, she’ll be in the mix. Allison Frahn holds her own with this group and her biggest challenge comes in the wheels department and genetic structure. She has continued to improve her physique and could be in the hunt for a top spot here. Julie Mayer-Hyman wasn’t on many people’s radar heading into last week’s Dallas Europa but she held her own. She wasn’t quite as conditioned as the winner there and it cost her the victory. She’s had a week to tighten up and if she comes in a bit sharper with her conditioning than Dallas she’ll be in the mix for the win.

Victoria Adelus has her best showing last week in Dallas and if she brings a similar look she could be in the top five once again. Vicki Dowell is getting into the game after achieving pro status earlier this year and has a nice look. Candice John has been up and down in her placings and if she can bring tight physique to the stage she could be in the top spots. Essence Money has tons of potential but has yet to nail her conditioning needed to be in a top spot. She could move up if she brings a tighter physique than Dallas.

The x-factor here could be the 2013 NPC USA Figure champ, Latorya Watts. She has a super tiny waist but small hips so it can hold her back slightly when up against taller, more balanced competitors. She could be in the top spots though.

The 2013 Tahoe Pro Figure Competitors:
Victoria Adelus
Sasha Brown
Margarita Charaim
Kim Clark
Vicki Dowell
Brooke Erickson
Wendy Fortino
Allison Frahn
Mallory Haldeman
Carin Hawkins
Jessie Hilgenberg
Candice John
Simone Mack
Julie Mayer-Hyman
Essence Money
Inga Neverauskaite
Allesandra Pinheiro
Kimberly Sheppard
Gloria Tarpley
Bojana Vasiljevic
Latorya Watts

I’m not familiar with anyone doing coverage on the show however there is a webcast for $13.95 to watch the event. Use #tahoePro for your tweets throughout the weekend as they relate to this show. Visit for more info.

Women’s Olympia Line-ups Taking Shape

The 2013 Olympia is just over one month away and there are only a handful of shows left to qualify for it. The Women’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique and Fitness line-ups are set. The Figure and Bikini divisions will be wrapped up at the end of the month and the point series is a tight race. Here’s who is in and how the points look with just three shows to go.

Adela Garcia
Oksana Grishini
Tina Durkin (not competing)
Myriam Capes
Tanji Johnson
Natalie Planes
Bethany Cisternino
Ryall Graber-Vasani
Michelle Blank

1. Regiane Da Silva – 18
2. Trish Warren – 8
2. Whitney Jones – 8
4. Diana Monteiro – 7
5. Nicole Duncan – 6
5. Fiona Harris – 6

Tamee Marie
Sabrina Taylor
Patricia Melo
Karina Nascimento
Juliana Malacarne
Toni West
Sara Hurrle
Tycee Coppett
Jamie Pinder
Valerie Gangi
Dana Linn Bailey

1. Karin Hobbs – 11
2. Mindi O’Brien – 9
2. Jillian Reville – 9
4. Venus Nguyen – 8
5. Mikaila Soto – 7

Iris Kyle
Debi Laszewski
Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
Alina Popa
Brigita Brezovac
Jennifer Scarpetta
Monique Jones
Tammy Jones

1. Maria Rita Bello – 7
2. Cathy LeFrancois – 5
2. Tina Chandler – 5
4. Ann Freitas – 4
4. Juanita Blaino – 4

The Bikini division has three shows remaining… St. Louis Pro, Finland and Valenti Cup. Heading into the remaining shows here’s how the Olympia line-up and point series looks.

Nathalia Melo
Nicole Nagrani
India Paulino
Dianna Dahlgren
Jaime Baird
Yeshaira Robles
Michelle Brannan
Justine Munro
Amanda Latona
Vladimira Krasova (Overall Winner, Amateur Bikini Olympia)
Ashley LeBlanc
Stacey Alexander
Jennifer Andrews
Pollianna Moss
Courtney King
Ashley Kaltwasser
Narmin Assria
Candice Conroy

TOP 10 POINT STANDINGS (three shows to go)
1. Lacey DeLuca – 13
2. Noemi Olah – 11
3. Jessica Arevalo – 10
3. Gigi Amurao – 10
3. Tawna Eubanks – 10
6. Tiffany Marie Boydston – 9
6. Aly Veneno – 9
8. Jessica Paxson – 8
8. Christie Marquez – 8
10. Nicole Moneer – 7

Erin Stern
Nicole Wilkins
Candice Keene
Heather Dees
Mallory Haldeman
Candice Lewis
Ann Titone
Alea Suarez
Gennifer Strobo
Camala Rodriguez
Dana Ambrose

TOP 10 POINT STANDINGS (three shows to go)
1. Natalie Waples – 13
1. Swann Cardot – 13
3. Kamla Macko – 12
4. Aleisha Hart – 9
4. Allison Frahn – 9
6. Kati Alander – 6
6. Bernita Stuckey – 6
8. Ava Cowan – 5
8. Kimberly Sheppard – 5
10. Natalia Revajova – 4
10. Teresa Anthony – 4
10. Wendy Fortino – 4
10. Candice John – 4
10. Linda Andrew – 4
10. Julie Mayer-Hyman – 4
10. Victoria Adelus – 4

2013 IFBB Dallas Europa Figure Pro Results & Review

The IFBB Figure women showed up in a big way for the 2013 Dallas Europa and it was a competitive event. This show is one of the last remaining stops on the IFBB Pro League schedule before the Olympia. The winner locks in her spot in the Olympia line-up. The top five finishers earn points towards the big show via the new Olympia Point Series.

Dana Ambrose brought her best look to date and it was enough to edge out Julie Mayer-Hyman by one point. Dana has better conditioning than Julie and ultimately that had to be the deciding factor in the win. Dana was her most confident to date and you could tell she was comfortable with the look she brought. Julie Mayer-Hyman wasn’t someone you’d have pegged as a top threat heading into the show but she stood out with her tremendous shape and symmetry. She just needed to be a tad tighter in her conditioning. If she heads to Tahoe she could be in the top spots there. Swann Cardot brought an improved physique from Tampa and it was enough to put her solidly in third. The third place finish also puts her in the points lead for the Olympia. Victoria Adelus continues to refine her physique from her Fitness days and the 4th place finish was a solid finish for her. Andrea Calhoun continues to hold her own in just her second pro show. She might only be 4’11” but her tiny waist and great balance keep her in the mix.

1. Dana Ambrose
2. Julie Mayer-Hyman
3. Swann Cardot
4. Victoria Adelus
5. Andrea Calhoun
6. Candice John
7. Megan Wyble
8. Linda Andrew
9. Natalie Waples
10. Jessie Hilgenberg
11. Maria Jose Garcia
12. Kimberly Sheppard
13. Denise Rose
14. Natalie Revajova Leanrtova
15. Tatiana Koshman
16. Agnese Russo
16. Bren Lauver
16. Chaya Boone
16. Dawn Hinz-Pugh
16. Eleni Kritikopoulou
16. Elvimar Sanchez
16. Essence Monet
16. Jennifer Baker
16. Kristina Rojas
16. Mayla Ash
16. Ryan Hays-Althoff
16. Ryan Behr
16. Samantha Maycock

A Day of Dana Domination in Dallas

Dana Linn Bailey and Dana Ambrose dominated the 2013 IFBB Dallas Europa, both winning their first pro show. Dana Linn came into Dallas with a more conditioned physique than the week prior in Tampa. The look may have been a bit too much conditioning at other shows however in this line up she was victorious.


If she brings a slightly less conditioned physique than Dallas and just a bit tighter one than Tampa, she will be a threat for the Olympia crown. Dana knows her body well and how to pose it in a flattering manner. She has large quads which from the front relaxed pose can throw her symmetry off a tad but every other pose she nails it. Round muscle bellies, healthy looking skin and relaxed posing helps put her into the winner’s circle. She’s definitely lived up to her off-stage hype and you have to give her mad props for the changes she’s done to her physique over the past year.

Dana Ambrose locked in her first pro win and she did so in convincing fashion. She was spot on with her conditioning and could have been a tad off with her tan however that may have also been the lighting. She’ll head to the Olympia for the first time and if she brings a similar physique and presentation to the Vegas stage she’ll hold her own. You can see the confidence in Dana improve with each show. This was definitely her best look to date and she beat out a competitive field of Figure competitors.

View photos here.

1. Dana Linn Bailey
2. Jillian Reville
3. Karin Hobbs
4. Jennifer Robinson
5. Nicole Ball

1. Dana Ambrose
2. Julie Mayer-Hyman
3. Swann Cardot
4. Victoria Adelus
5. Andrea Calhoun

Complete results here.

2013 Dallas Europa Super Show Preview

The 2013 Dallas Europa marks one of the few remaining stops for the IFBB Pros. Nearly 100 men and women will take the stage this weekend in hopes of winning and heading to the prestigious Olympia. Those who don’t win but finish in the top five will be awarded points in the Olympia Point Series. The five with the most points in each division receive and invite to the Olympia as well. This is the last chance for the Women’s Physique division to qualify, so a great deal is riding on this show. The Figure women still have a few more chances to qualify however every point counts.


The prejudging will take place on Friday at 3pm. The prejudging and finals will be held at the Dallas Convention Center. The IFBB Pros will check-in at 7pm on Thursday at the host hotel, the Hyatt Regency – Downtown Dallas. Finals are slated for Saturday at 3:30pm and we’ll know who is heading to Vegas at the end of it.

Pro Men Physique, Pro Men Bodybuilding, Pro Women Physique and Pro Figure

IFBB Pro Meeting check-in – Thursday – 7pm Hyatt Regency Hotel
IFBB Pro Prejudging – Friday – 3:00pm – Dallas Convention Center
IFBB Pro Finals – Saturday – 3:30pm – Dallas Convention Center


Dallas Convention Center Hall A-B-C
650 Griffin Street
Dallas, Texas 75202

Shuttle from host hotel to the convention center.

Friday Open at 2pm
Saturday Open at 9am

Pro Men
1. $20,000
2. $10,000
3. $3,000
4. $1,000
5. $1,000

Pro Figure
1. $6,000
2. $3,000
3. $1,000

Pro Women Physique
1. $3,500
2. $2,000
3. $500

Pro Men Physique
1. $3,500
2. $2,000
3. $500

IFBB Pro Figure Competitors
Victoria Adelus
Dana Ambrose
Linda Andrew
Mayla Ash
Jennifer Baker
Ryan Behr
Chaya Boone
Andrea Calhoun
Swann Cardot
Maria Garcia
Ryan Hays
Jessie Hilgenberg
Dawn Hinz-Pugh
Candice John
Eleni Kritkopoulou
Tatiana Koshman
Samantha Maycock
Julie Mayer-Hyman
Essence Monet
Natalie Revajova Leanrtova
Kristina Rojas
Denise Rose
Agnese Russo
Elvimar Sanchez
Kim Sheppard
Natalie Waples
Megan Wyble

IFBB Pro Women’s Physique Competitors
Ally Baker
Nicole Ball
Roxie Beckles
Erica Blockman
Myriam Bustamante
Lyris Cappelle
Cinzia Clapp
Jessica Gaines
Karen Gatto
Nekole Hamrick
Karin Hobbs
Marnie Holley
Candrea Judd Adams
Cea Ann Kerr
Zoa Linsey
Beni Lopez
Marina Lopez
Jayla McDermott
Loana Paula Muttoni
Akane Nigro Ismeal
Sheena Ohlig
Antonia Perdikakis
Jillan Reville
Jennifer Robinson
Jill Rudison
Ida Sefland
Joele Smith
Mikaila Soto
Michelle Trapp
Lindy Waid
Stephanie Willes

Follow all the action on twitter with the hashtag #DallasEuropa. Best of luck to all competing and for more information visit:

Haldeman Wins IFBB Tampa Pro Figure

Mallory Haldeman took home top honors on Saturday night at the IFBB Tampa Pro Figure contest. Despite it being a clear win on the judges’ scorecard it didn’t appear as such to many in attendance. Kamla Macko made a strong case for the win but was relegated to the runner-up position. Third place went to Allison Frahn who is in a tight race to qualify for the Olympia by the Point Series. Latorya Watts wasted no time entering the pro ranks. She was the 2013 NPC USA overall figure champ and finished in fourth her first time on a pro stage. Rounding out the top five was Swann Cardot. Swann is also in the mix to compete in the Olympia via the point series.


2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Figure Results:
1. Mallory Haldeman
2. Kamla Macko
3. Allison Frahn
4. Latorya Watts
5. Swann Cardot
6. Katherynne Ramirez
7. Andrea Calhoun
8. Laurie Schnelle
9. Linda Andrew
10. Cydney Gillon
11. Agnese Russo
12. Jennifer Taylor
13. Kiana Phi
14. Maria Jose Garcia
15. Maggy Cambronero
16. Ashley Simone Maybin
16. Belinda Hope
16. Bernita Stuckey
16. Bren Lauver
16. Candice John
16. Chaya Boone
16. Cinderella Richardson
16. Dani Ronquilio
16. Dawn Hinz Pugh
16. Eleni Kritikopoulou
16. Holly Beck
16. Jennifer Brown
16. Melanise Pettee
16. Ryan Behr
16. Tamara Ribeiro Bailey
16. Tatiana Koshman
16. Teela Thompson

2013 IFBB Tampa Pro Competitor Lists: Record-Breaking Turnout

The 2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro is shaping up to be the largest IFBB Pro show of the year. The Olympia is right around the corner and many competitors are still looking to qualify. This weekend’s show is one of the few remaining events on the schedule before the big show. The winner will automatically receive a spot in the Olympia lineup and the second through fifth place finishers will earn points in the qualification series.

The women have turned out in huge numbers for all the events and combined with the men it looks like this show will have over 200 IFBB pros competing. Promoter Tim Gardner always does a great job of taking care of the competitors and this year should be no different. We’ll be there covering the event and keep your posted throughout the weekend. There are many women making their IFBB debuts at this show and it will be interesting to see how they match up to the seasoned veterans.

Use the hashtag #tampapro for all your social media posts. This will help others follow the action online and the hashtag categorizes your post when others are searching for updates. For more information on the show and how you can purchase tickets to watch visit

2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Women’s Fitness
Jennifer Bishop
Michelle Blank
• Tiffany Chandler
• Lishia Dean
• Danielle Delikat
• Nicole Duncan
• Fiona Harris
• Whitney Harris
• Amy Justice
• Somkina Liudmila
• Carly Lobato
• Babette Mulford
• Ashley Sebera
• Shannon Siemer
• Lovena Stamatiou-Tuley
• Tanis Tzavaras
• Eileen Wells
• Molly Wichman
• Paula Williams-Gulman

2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Women’s Figure
• Linda Andrew
• Holly Beck
• Ryan Behr
• Chaya Boone
• Jennifer Brown
• Andrea Calhoun
• Maggy Cambronero
• Swann Cardot
• Allison Frahn
• Maria Garcia
• Mirian Gerard
• Cyndey Gillon
• Mallory Haldeman
• Dawn Hinz Pugh
• Belinda Hope
• Candice John
• Tatiana Koshman
• Eleni Kritikopoulou
• Brenda Lauver
• Kamla Macko
• Ashley Simone Maybin
• Melanise Pettee
• Kiana Phi
• Kat Ramirez
• Tamara Ribeiro Bailey
• Cinderalla Richardson
• Dani Ronquilo
• Agnese Russo
• Laurie Schnelle
• Bernita Stuckey
• Jennifer Taylor
• Teela Thompson

2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Women’s Bikini
• Gigi Amurao
• Maria Annunziata
• Yarishna Ayala
• Chaundra Bagwell
• Stefanie Bambrough
• Michelle Capraru
• Danielle Carr
• Monique Gantt
• Crystal Green
• Hope Howard
• Courtney King
• Meredith Long
• Stephanie Mahoe
• Nathalie Mur
• Sabrina Nicole
• Noemi Olah
• Jessica Renee
• Carolina Silva
• Anna Starodubtseva
• Aly Veneno
• Ashley Wade
• Janet Lynn West
• Katherine Williams

2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Women’s Physique
• Betty Adkins
• Alisa Alday
• Dana Linn Bailey
• Nicole Ball
• La’Drissa Bonivel
• Myriam Bustamante
• Lyris Cappelle
• Candice Carr Archer
• Laura Davies
• Katie Davis
• Jill Dearmin
• Valerie Gangi
• Karen Gatto
• NeKole Hamrick
• Catherine Hernon
• Marnie Holley
• Andrea Holliday
• Cynthia Jansen
• Candrea Judd-Adams
• Marina Lopez
• Tracy Mason
• Teresita Morales
• Loana Paula Muttoni
• Kira Neuman
• Frida Palmell
• Maria Rita Penteado
• Antonia Perdikakis
• Jillian Reville
• Leonie Rose
• Jill Rudison
• Ida Sefland
• Drorit Silverman
• Joele Smith
• Mikaila Soto
• Lori Steele
• Kathy Unger
• Irina Veselova
• Yusmary Villalobos
• Stephanie Willes
• Karen Williams

2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Women’s Bodybuilding
• Alicia Alfarao
• Irene Andersen
• Natalia Batova
• Rita Bello
• Juanita Blaino
• Tina Chandler
• Tazzie Colomb
• Shannon Courtney
• Michelle Cummings
• Angela Debatin
• Beverly DiRenzo
• Agatha Dulson
• Roxanne Edwards
• Christine Envall
• Paula Francis
• Pamela Franklin
• Aurelia Grozajova
• Terri Harris
• Mary Ellen Jerumbo
• Tammy Jones
• Janeen Lankowski
• Maryse Manios
• Emery Miller
• Geraldine Morgan
• Tonia Moore
• Sharon Mould
• Helle Nielsen
• Lora Ottenad
• Melody Spetko
• Beth Wachter


2013 Toronto Pro – Women’s Preview

This weekend over 100 IFBB Pros will head north to Canada for the annual Toronto Pro Show. The competition is shaping up to be highly competitive in each division. Despite the continued low numbers in Fitness it will be a tough line-up. Fans will also get to see Bikini, Figure, Physique and female bodybuilding. The show is held over two days and continues to get better and better each year. Check out the competitors slated to compete and the Hardbody breakdown on each division.



The Bikini division has to favor Ashley Kaltwasser for the win. She’s been on fire all year and consistently in the top three since the Bikini International. Aside from Ashley the field is fairly wide open. Gigi continues to bring her legs down which could put her in the top five. Jennifer Dawn looks to get back in the top ranks after missing out in her recent showings. Yarleis Gonzalez should be contending for the top spot but has yet to crack the top three since her pro debut. If she can bring her lower half in tighter she’ll be in the top spots, if not she’ll be outside the top three again. Dayna Maleton has a smoke’n physique but comes in a bit too hard and muscular for most bikini competitions. If she can tone it down a bit she’ll be top five. Amanda Sexsmith could catch some people sleeping and sneak into a top spot. Canadian Jaclyn Wilson will stand out as one of the lone blondes in the group. If she can bring a tight physique she could contend for a top five spot.


Gigi Amurao
Cynthia Benoit
Leigh Brandt
Danielle Carr
Eboney Chipman
Becky Clawson
Jennifer Dawn
Dana French
Yarelis Gonzalez
Ashley Kaltwasser
Meredith Long
Dayna Maleton
Nathalie Mur
Amanda Sexsmith
Simone Sinclair
Anna Lee Van Hatten
Janet Lynn West
Jaclyn Wilson

The fitness competitors are often heard grumbling about few competitions on the schedule but when there are shows few turn out. This is why most promoters opt not to include fitness. Props to the ten women who have entered this show as it will be one to watch and highly competitive despite the low turn out. Michelle Blank will make things interesting in her return since being injured and switching to Women’s Physique for the 2012 season. She’ll have a solid routine and will be a question of how conditioned she is for the physique round. Look for her to finish in the top spots. Nicole Duncan can be the winner here if she brings the high flying, high intensity we’ve expected from her routines and nails her conditioning. She tightened up for the Arnold Brasil and if she comes even sharper she’ll be in the mix. Lately she seems to be a bit winded at the end of her routines. If she nails the routines all the way through she could be the queen of the night. Ryall has to be considered the one to beat after taking top honors at the Arnold Brasil. She has the physique and a high-flying, energetic routine. Vanda Hadarean has the looks and incredible gymnastic skills. If she’s in the hunt after the 2-piece round she’ll be a contender for the top five. Fiona Harris has the physique and it’s a matter of putting together a well choreographed routine with consistent strength moves. Amanda Hatfield continues to improve with each pro show and look for her to move up even more this time around. Babette has yet to find her groove in the pro ranks and if she brings a tighter physique this time around will move up. Ashley Sebera will be making her pro debut and has the cute factor working for her. She’ll need to come in conditioned and tight to be in contention here. Tanis Tzavaras is an inspiration to all women. She returned to the stage shortly after having a baby and more than held her own at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup. Look for her to be a crowd favorite here no matter where she finishes. Eileen Wells will be making her pro debut and will need to bring an energetic routine with strength moves to hang with this group but a great show to test herself in the pro ranks.


Michelle Blank
Nicole Duncan
Ryall Graber Vasani
Vanda Hadarean
Fiona Harris
Amanda Hatfield
Babette Mulford
Ashley Sebera
Tanis Tzavaras
Eileen Wells

The Figure competition will be a hard fought challenge for the top spots. Ann Titone has to be the favorite heading into the show with her recent showings and refined physique. Natalie Waples will look to challenge her as well Aleisha Hart. Both Aleisha and Natalie would love to win in their native country, the only opportunity afforded to them since every other pro show is held outside of Canada. Swann Cardot positioned herself as one to watch after her runner-up finish at the New York Pro. She won’t carry the most muscle of the group but if she matches her presentation and conditioning from New York will be a contender for the top spots.  While those might be the leading ladies on paper any number of women could slip into the top five at this show.

Leah Berti
Magela Camronero
Swann Cardot
Vicki Counts
Ginette Delhaes
Krista Dunn
Melanie Gardner
Cydney Gillon
Erin Harding
Aleisha Hart
Kenyatta Jones Arietta
Veronique Morin
Tiani Norman
Tamara Ribeiro Bailey
Tissilli Rogers
Jill St. Laurent
Danielle Sereluca
Ann Titone
Natalie Waples

The Physique competition will also be hotly contested. Kim Tilden made the switch from Figure to Physique and has shown she has the structure to be a top contender in the division. Toni West is coming off a third place finish and if she tightens up just a bit from her New York finish she’ll be in the hunt once again. Joelle Smith is also poised to be a contender in this line-up after a strong finish in New York. Mindi O’Brien will be the dark horse in the line-up as she switches from Fitness to Physique due to nagging injuries. Jen Louwagie has a good look and should have been higher in my opinion at the New York Pro. CeaAnna Kerr is another Figure to Physique competitor who could contend for the top five. It’ll all depend on how every shows up and compares to one another but given there’s no clear cut winner it’ll make for an exciting show.

Debbie Barrable Leung
La’Drissa Bonivel
Jill Dearmin
Nathalie Falk
Cynthia Jansen
CeaAnna Kerr
Michelle Krack
Sandra Lombardo
Jen Louwagie
Mindi O’Brien
Tammy Patnode
Janessa Roy
Jill Rudison
Joelle Smith
Tammy Strome
Kim Tilden
Toni West

Despite the constant complaining of so few shows for female bodybuilders, few have entered the competition. You’d think we’d see over 20 women in the line-up but that’s not the case. Maria Rita Bello will be a crowd favorite with all the muscle she carries but don’t look for the judges to share the same thoughts. She’s big and blocky but did finish in 4th at the 2011 Tampa Pro. Anne Freitas will likely show up with freaky size and conditioning. Gillian Kovack was fourth at this show last year and doesn’t have the smallest waist but could be a top contender. Janeen Lankowski was third at the Chicago Pro and could be a top five finisher here if she matches that look. Marina Lopez returns to female bodybuilding after trying her hand at physique and always being “too big”. She could be the top contender here if she brings in a small waist and controls her breathing / stomach while posing. Melody Spetko could be top five and match her 2012 Tampa Pro finish.

Maria Rita Bello
Michelle Brent
Laura Davies
Guisy Caputo
Christine Envall
Anne Freitas
Gillian Kovack
Janeen Lankowski
Marina Lopez
Maryse Manios
Rene Marven
Sharon Mould
Jennifer Scarpetta
Athena Siganakis
Melody Spetko

Visit for more info and use #TOPRO for all your tweets related to the show.

IFBB Pro Women’s Meeting (Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Fitness and Bikini)
Friday May 31st, 2013
Metro Toronto Convention Centre


2013 IFBB New York Pro Results & Hardbody Review

Over the weekend, Floridian Candice Keene continued to pick up momentum as the leading lady in the IFBB Figure division. She was poised as one the top contenders leading into the show and she delivered. Walking away the two-time New York Pro Figure Champ. The win was her fourth in a row and she’s poised to be the top contender for the Olympia Figure title.


View photos from the 2013 New York Pro

The match-up most were expecting to see heading into this contest was Keene vs Wilkins for the crown however it didn’t play out that way. Nicole had been away from the stage since last year’s Sheru Classic and was expected to challenge Keene for the top spot in New York. Things didn’t quite go as planned and Nicole finished in third. It was the first time Nicole had finished out of the top two since the 2009 IFBB New York Pro Fitness, where she was fourth. She had some troubles with the New York weather and delayed flights with undoubtedly added stress and likely water retention. When she took the stage you could tell she wasn’t the glowing, confident competitor we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in competitions. With Nicole off it left the door open for others to challenge Keen for the top spot. When the individual posing was complete it was clear it was Keene and everyone else.

Stepping up in her second show as a pro was New Yorker by way of France, Swann Cardot. Swann was glowing from head-to-toe and was still smiling from being proposed to the night before. She came in much tighter than she had at the Pittsburgh Pro and the added confidence positioned her as a stand out. She still has some work to do on adding more size and she’s a little straight up in down in her shape but those changes will take time. The jump from tenth to second and besting one of the industry’s best in Wilkins is definitely a confidence boost for her heading into the Toronto Pro.

Swann, Candice, Nicole – Top Three at the 2013 New York Pro Figure

Rebecca Vera was a stand out and has the potential to be a leading lady in the years to come. She has a youthful look and the structure to do well in the Figure division. She quietly made her pro debut at the Powerhouse Classic where she finished 11th but was a stand-out in this show. She achieve pro status at last year’s Team Universe and with a little tighter backside and more stage time she’ll be a threat for the winner’s circle. Monica Specking has tremendous shape and has been in the top spots before. She was fifth at the New York Pro and could have been placed a bit higher without many arguments. Her suit top didn’t fit her the best and could have been a tad tighter in the glutes but overall a solid showing. Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz has a good look and nice structure. She carries a bit more muscle than some of the other women but she matches up well with this line-up. Another competitor who could have been higher without many arguments.

View photos from the 2013 New York Pro.

2013 IFBB New York Pro Figure Results

1. Candice Keene
2. Swann Cardot
3. Nicole Wilkins
4. Rebecca Vera
5. Monica Specking
6. Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz
7. Andrea Cantone
8. Corinna Booth
9. Patty Zariello
10. Lauren Cascio
11. Rebecca Schubeck
12. Melanise Pettee
13. Katerina Tarbox
14. Amy Puglise
15. Kenyatta Jones-Arietta
16. Shelly Albetta
16. Michelle DeRosa
16. Tiani Norman
16. Marcy Porter
16. Cinderella Richardson
16. Tissilli Rogers
16. Elvimar Sanchez

Flash Results – 2013 IFBB New York Pro Women

The women rocked the house in New York. There were some expected finishes and some that no one could have predicted. We’ll have complete results on each division and how things shook out in New York at the 2013 New York Pro. Stay tuned.

Women Physique Results:
1. Juliana Malacarne
2. Karina Nascimento
3. Toni West

Figure Results:
1. Candice Keene
2. Swann Cardot
3. Nicole Wilkins

Bikini Results:
1. Yeshaira Robles
2. Ashley Kaltwasser
3. Lindsey Waters

2013 Ifbb New York Pro Women’s Preview

The 2013 IFBB New York Pro is upon us and the women’s division will be highly competitive. The Figure, Bikini and Women’s Physique all have a few fan favorites but no clear-cut winner heading into the event. The prejudging will take place at 11am EST at the Tribecca Performing Arts Center and there we’ll get a better idea of who will leave the champion, crowned later in the night at the finals.


Ones to Watch in Figure:
The match-up that everyone will be watching is the reigning Figure International Champ, Candice Keene and top Figure Pro Nicole Wilkins. Nicole sat out this year’s Arnold to give her body a little rest. This will be the first show of the year for her and she’ll either be relaxed, rest and refreshed or a bit rusty. Knowing Nicole, don’t look for her to be on stage rusty. The only x-factor will be if the flight delay disrupted her final hours of prep. Candice will likely be the harder and appear more muscular of the two however Nicole has better symmetry and shape. It’s hard think that anyone will beat either of these two, however anything is possible.

Marcy Porter is back on stage after a few months layoff. She was once a top tier pro, can she return to the top five? Shelly Albetta will be making her pro debut and look for the New York crowd to be behind her. Swann aka Frenchy Cardot will be grinning ear-to-ear after being proposed to on the eve of the show. She’ll be sporting a new rock and will much sharper than her Pittsburgh showing. Monica Specking has the shape and if she comes in a bit sharper with the little details she’ll be in the mix. Patty Zariello will also have the hometown crowd behind her and if she goes back to her Pittsburgh look she’ll be in the hunt.

Shelly Albetta
Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz
Corinna Booth
Andrea Cantone
Swann Cardot
Lauren Cascio
Michelle DeRosa
Kenyatta Jones Arietta
Candice Keene
Tiani Norman
Melanise Pettee
Marcy Porter
Amy Puglise
Cinderella Richardson
Tissilli Rogers
Elvimar Sanchez
Rebecca Schubeck
Monica Specking
Katerina Tarbox
Rebecca Vera
Nicole Wilkins
Patty Zariello

Ones to Watch in Bikini:
The bikini division will be a very competitive division. Lindsey Waters achieved IFBB Pro status at the NPC JR USAs last week and is wasting no time getting into the mix. She has a rock’n physique and my only nit-pick thing is sometimes her eyeshadow / makeup is too dark and heavy around her eyes. She’s cute so would like to see her play up the cutesy part and not try to have a sultry look. She could win this show but she’ll have her work cut out for her. Yeshaira Robles is a class act on and off the stage. She’s one of the few women who can be smiling and cute and in the flip of her hair she’s captivating you with a sexy, whoa hot momma look. The thing about Yeshaira that women need to note is her energy. She ALWAYS has positive energy to her on stage and you can’t help but be drawn to her. She’s got the body to match and it’s the little things that always put Yeshaira on top. Ashley Kaltwasser has a sic physique from her years of running and it’s one of the most athletic looks n the division. If she nails her tanning and doesn’t cake on the heavy eye make-up she’s your winner. She continues to get better and better with more stage time. Once she nails all the little details, she’ll be a top 6 Olympia competitor and collect a few more first place wins like she did two weeks ago in Detroit.

The X-factor in this show is Yarelis Gonzalez. She’s one of the shorter competitors and if she’s is slightly off she’s on the outside looking in. Her upper body is usually spot on but her legs and Cuban booty tend to be a bit bigger and drop her down in her placings. If she comes in with a tight booty and smaller legs than Pittsburgh she’ll be tough to beat. She has yet to reach her potential and if she nails it here she’ll be back in the mix as a top competitor. If she doesn’t it’ll leave you wondering if she will ever be able to match the look she had as an amateur. Dayna Maleton has a great physique and if she poses without looking like a fish out of water she’ll be in the top spots. She always has impeccable hair and makeup, so ladies take note. Leigh Brandt, the original Canadian Cutie, will look to get in the top spots. She has the looks but doesn’t have as much muscle as some of the others but still one to watch. Gigi Amurao could be in the hunt if she brings her legs down and comes in a bit tighter than Pittsburgh. Nikola Weiterova and Ashley Wade have stunning looks but yet to crack the top five. Meredith Long will be making her IFBB Pro debut and will be next to another tall competitor Tabitha Klausen. Both women are beautiful and will be two of the taller women in the show, we’ll see how they match up. The Nawlins’ Hip-hop-poppa Ashley Cronley LeBlanc has the potential to be in the top five and if she can present in a relaxed, poised manner without twisting herself in half she’ll be in the mix.

As you can see this a VERY tough line-up.

Gigi Amurao
Maria Annunziata
Cynthia Benoit
Leigh Brandt
Danielle Carr
Ashley Cronley Leblanc
Yarelis Gonzalez
Janet Harding
Andrea Hertlein
Ashley Kaltwasser
Tabitha Klausen
Meredith Long
Dayna Maleton
Nathalie Mur
Cecile Palacios
Yeshaira Robles
Anna Starodubtseva
Anna Lee Van Hattan
Ashley Wade
Lindsey Waters
Nikola Weiterova
Francesca Yumul

Women’s Physique Ones to Watch: The IFBB Women’s Physique division is in its second year and there are still some growing pains with what “the look” should be. It’s definitely making headway and gone are the female bodybuilders with too much muscle, generally speaking. You’ll see apples to oranges in terms of physiques. The likely battle will come down to Juliana Malacarne and Karina Nascimento. The two Brazilians have a great look without being over the top with the muscle factor. Karina plays up her sex appeal when she presents, which tends to help draw your attention to her. Joele Smith and Toni West both have nice looks and could be in the mix for a top spot. Hometown favorite Jillian Reville will be a contender if she comes in full and doesn’t look too stringy. Jill Rudison has potential to be in the mix if she has her legs dialed down and doesn’t appear too muscular in the lower body. It’ll be an interesting show to watch and will be foreshadowing of what’s to come at future shows in terms of “the look”.

Women’s Physique
Sarah Bridges
Sheilahe Brown
Cynthia Colon
Melissa DiBernardo
Nathalie Falk
Gloria Faulls
Nathalie Foreau
Asha Hadley
Carmen Knights
Michelle Krack
Sandra Lombardo
Jen Louwagie
Juliana Malacarne
Frances Mendez
Teresita Morales
Karina Nascimento
Sheena Ohlig
Vallerie Paul
Antonia Perdikakis
Audrey Presson
Gina Quinn
Alecia Rankovic
Jillian Reville
Jill Rudison
Jane Santos
Stacy Simons McDowell
Joele Smith
Kathy Unger
Jennie Verde
Toni West

2013 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure Results & Hardbody Review

Gennifer Strobo notched her first victory of 2013. Strobo beat out a competitive field at the annual IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure. Coming in second was Ann Titone, who has steadily improved her physique and presentation. Rounding out the top three was Candice John, showing big improvements from her last show.


The competition featured a variety of physiques and it left the judges with their hands full. The judges had Gen winning in unanimous fashion however others felt Titone could have gone home the winner. Dana Ambrose continues to be one of the most consist pros with her fourth place finish. If she was high than fourth many wouldn’t have argued as she was polished with her presentation and spot on with her conditioning. Candice John improved dramatically from her Daytona showing and if she can present a bit better, specifically not scrunching her shoulders up, she could place even higher. Laurie Schnelle brought a new look to the stage and finished in her highest placing as a pro yet.

View Photos here.

2013 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure Results:
1. Gennifer Strobo
2. Ann Titone
3. Candice John
4. Dana Ambrose
5. Laurie Schnelle
6. Monica Labriola
7. Corinna Booth
8. Dawn Fernandez
9. Patty Zariello
10. Swann Cardot
11. Elizabeth Jenkins
12. Krista Dunn
13. Julie Rengert
14. Agnese Russo
15. Danielle Sereluca
16. Amy Puglise
16. Jessie Hilgenberg
16. Katerina Tarbox
16. Lauren Cascio
16. Melissa Frederick
16. Ninamarie Richter
16. Satrice Rigsby
16. Summer Bernard
16. Tammy Bravomalo
16. Tanya Weinle
16. Yoko Washington
16. Sarah Venturini

View Photos here.

2013 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure Competitor List & Hardbody Preview

The IFBB Figure ladies will take the stage today at the Pittsburgh Pro. The competition will be fierce and the show is anyone’s for the taking. We’ll see a combination of seasoned veterans and rookies making their pro debuts.


Dana Ambrose has consistently been in the top five since turning pro, look for her to stay in the mix here. Candice John has been up and down in her placings and will all come down to how conditioned her physique is whether she stays in the mix. Monica Labriola may not be the tallest competitor on stage but she can hang with the best of them. Gen Strobo will look to get back into the winner’s circle and return to the Olympia. She just needs to come in full and not look too hard in the process. Ann Titone has refined her physique over the last few months and positioned herself as a leading lady in this line up. If she brings a similar look as she has in the past count on her being in the top spots. Patty Zariello showed promise in the division last year and could move up from her previous showings if she matches the look she had when turning pro. Jessie Hilgenberg will be one to watch, she stands out with her short blonde hair and as long as her arms and shoulders are too overpowering she could be in the mix.

Swann Cardot and Corinna Booth will look to make their presence known in the pro division. The two will be the rookies on this stage but have the potential to look like seasoned vets if they are at their best.

Follow all the action on twitter with #pittpro and #paPro hashtags.

2013 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure
Pittsburgh, PA – May 4, 2013
Dana Ambrose
Summer Bernard
Corinna Booth
Tammy Bravomalo
Swann Cardot
Lauren Cascio
Krista Dunn
Dawn Fernandez
Melissa Frederick
Jessie Hilgenberg
Elizabeth Jenkins
Candice John
Monica Labriola
Amy Pugllise
Julie “DJ” Rengert
Ninamarie Richter
Satrice Rigsby
Agnese Russo
Laurie Schnelle
Danielle Sereluca
Gennifer Strobo
Katerina Tarbox
Ann Titone
Yoko Washington
Tanya Weinle
Sarah Venturini
Patty Zariello

Frenchy’s Protein Crepes Recipe

One of our favorite hard body women, Swann Cardot aka Frenchy, has put together her favorite protein crepes recipe. Crepes originated in France and who better to share how to perfect a protein version than a fit female from France? That’s why we asked Swann to put on her chef hat and whip us up a batch of these bad boys.

A crepe is basically a very thing pancake. They’re often filled with a variety of fillings but it’s not necessary. Give this recipe a shot and let us know how they turn out for you.

Frenchy’s Protein Crepes Recipe

– 6 egg whites*
– 1 scoop of protein of your choice, I usually use a basic flavor like vanilla or peanut butter, but you can play around with different flavors or even mix them together.
– 1 cup of water
– Splenda (about 2 Tsp, depending on your taste for sweetness)
– Salt (just a dash)
– Cinnamon, nutmeg (optional)

Blend all the ingredients very well in a mixer.

Cook in a flat pan using PAM cooking spray, butter flavor.

As for topping, I suggest Walden Farms syrups, it’s 0 calories and tastes banging! For those who have less of a sweet taste like me, you can use Butter Spray.
*You can do the exact same thing replacing the egg whites with 1 cup of Muscle Egg.


You can follow Swann on Twitter, like her Facebook page and visit her new website,

2012 Arnold Amateur Competitor Lists

The 2012 Arnold Amateur Competitor lists have been posted on and the women will dominate the show once again. You can see all the divisions (including the men) at Are you competing in the show? Let us know in the comments below. This is a unique opportunity for competitors across the globe to compete on the same stage. Good luck to all the competitors.



Lightweight (12)

Star Affolter (Ooltewah, TN)
Carla Gomes Bachiega (Brazil)
Gastaldi Federica (Italy)
Sandra Ferreira (Brazil)
Pamela Hannam (San Ysidro, CA)
Liz Johnson (Ringgold, GA)
Wanda Keeler (Wichita, KS)
Kristina Maj Dybdahl (Denmark)
Lisa McKeough (Wyncote, PA)
Lo Kit Ming (Hong Kong)
Olga Puzanova (Russia)
Christine Zadel (Australia)

Heavyweight (12)

Jamila Barreto Boaventura (Brazil)
Caroline Byrd (Charlotte, NC)
Lucy Cerantola (Canada)
Maureen Donlevy Clary (Fort Mill, SC)
Luele Driescher (Erie, PA)
Amanda Hinton (Westerville, Ohio)
Mona Johansson (Sweden)
Melanie Landry (Londonderry, NH)
Jill Lundy (Mesa, AZ)
Kashma Siana Maharaj (U.S. Virgin Islands)
Maria Rita Penteado (Port Washington, NY)
Rita Sargo (Netherlands)

Fitness Short Class (12)
Maria Laura Cervelli (Argentina)
Becki Cohen (Chicago, IL)
Charmaine Davis (New Castle, DE)
Shannon Goering (Effingham, IL)
Olga Guryeva (Russia)
Samantha Kinnish (Australia)
Janaina Barbosa De Matos (Brazil)
Amy Nichols (Houston, TX)
Melinda Szabo (Hungary)
Mary Stockbridge (Houston, TX)
Timea Taraba-Sifter (Hungary)
Toni Renee Wheeler (Morehead, KY)

Fitness Tall Class (6)
Marta Aguiar (Uruguay)
Rebecca Clem (Grand Rapids, MI)
Shannon Gill (Bellevue, WA)
Fiona Harris (Canada)
Gloria Mohninger (Canada)
Venus Ramos (Redondo Beach, CA)

Fitness Class Uknown (4)
Lorena Inarra (Spain)
Emi Perez (Spain)
Patricia Perez (Spain)
Karina Maria Grau Servin (Paraguay)

Figure A Class (10)
Mary Carriedo (Canada)
Maria Karina Constantino Durzo (Mexico)
Brittney Koman (Pueblo, CO)
Amber Miles (Newark, Ohio)
Alicia Leija (Miali, HI)
Nelu Millican (Ooltewah, TN)
Jill Mock (Ellicot, MD)
Anne-Marie Swisher (Roanoke, VA)
Chie Terui (Homewood, IL)
Jacqueline Thomas (Chicago, IL)

Figure B Class (27)
Chazz Anderson (Tulsa, OK)
Kelly Booth-Hater (Cincinnati, OH)
Helna Chansky (Grayslake, IL)
Yadira Del Socorro Morales Dominguez (Nicaragua)
Mazzola Federica (Italy)
Simari Giada (Italy)
Viviane Goncalves (Brazil)
Sehila Esther Preciado Jimenez (Mexico)
Alicja Klarkowska (Poland)
Romina Lameiro (Argentina)
Evangenlina Figueroa Loreto (Mexico)
Nancy Anahi Rodriguez Martinez (Mexico)
Heidi McFrederick (Ashland, Ohio)
Sarah McNaughton (Canada)
Mara Miranda (Dana Point, CA)
Claudine Noelle (Washington, DC)
Katie Noval (Los Angeles, CA)
Ana Sanchez (Puerto Rico)
Simone Silveira (Brazil)
Kris Lynn Smith (Fishers, IN)
Lara Sulianno (Granite City, IL)
Sonia Tavares (Brazil)
Sarah Vanderstow (Chicago, IL)
Iara Vieira (Brazil)
Marjan Washington (Huntington, WV)
Christina Watson (Xenia, Ohio)
Sandra Tacza Zapata (Peru)

Figure C Class (23)
Jessica Bertha Baldeon Caballero (Peru)
Kimberly Cochran (Locust Grove, VA)
Eva Maria Davidsdottir (Iceland)
Olga Maria Morales Gallardo (Mexico)
Zory Garasimchuk (Sales, OR)
Sussety Tabash Gonzalez (Costa Rica)
Sarah Griffith (Curacao)
Priscilla Katzmaier (Austria)
Laura Keddie (Australia)
Terry Means (Boynton Beach, FL)
Fre Michela (Italy)
Zuleika Miranda (Puerto Rico)
Janet Moore (Fort Worth, TX)
Katie Morris (Australia)
Paula Adriana Frega Peredo (Argentina)
Kambi Pope (Omaha, NE)
Sharmila Regala (Canada)
Christina Rivera (Cheektowaga, NY)
Elaine Nogueira Rodrigues (Brazil)
Vanessa Catarina De Oliveira E Silva (Brazil)
Jyl Marie Stoltenberg (Bellevue, WA)
Claire Rose Torr (New Zealand)
Wagna Vargas (Brazil)

Figure D Class (19)
Danelia Gonzalez Campuzano (Mexico)
Marsela Cik (Serbia)
Jacqueline De La Torre Duenas (Mexico)
Nicole Caroline Eccel (Brazil)
Danielle Ferreira (San Diego, CA)
Jennie Gray (Elizabethtown, KY)
Renata Guaraciaba (Brazil)
Susan Idalia Garcia De Hernadez (Salvador)
Jessie Hilgenberg (Minden, NV)
Hallveig Karlsdottir (Iceland)
Stephanie Matthews (Beaverton, OR)
Jodene McGregor (Australia)
Bruna Da Costa Miyagui (Brazil)
Shannon Moore (Omaha, NE)
Tiffany Nance (Angier, NC)
Idianette Ortiz (Puerto Rico)
Teagan Posey-Benson (Middletown, Ohio)
Karina Rhode (Noblesville, IN)
Sif Sveindottir (Iceland)

Figure D Class (19)
Danelia Gonzalez Campuzano (Mexico)
Marsela Cik (Serbia)
Jacqueline De La Torre Duenas (Mexico)
Nicole Caroline Eccel (Brazil)
Danielle Ferreira (San Diego, CA)
Jennie Gray (Elizabethtown, KY)
Renata Guaraciaba (Brazil)
Susan Idalia Garcia De Hernadez (Salvador)
Jessie Hilgenberg (Minden, NV)
Hallveig Karlsdottir (Iceland)
Stephanie Matthews (Beaverton, OR)
Jodene McGregor (Australia)
Bruna Da Costa Miyagui (Brazil)
Shannon Moore (Omaha, NE)
Tiffany Nance (Angier, NC)
Idianette Ortiz (Puerto Rico)
Teagan Posey-Benson (Middletown, Ohio)
Karina Rhode (Noblesville, IN)
Sif Sveindottir (Iceland)

Figure E Class (15)
Dawn Bailey (Columbus, Ohio)
Erna Gudrun Bjornsdottir (Iceland)
Swann Cardot (Astoria, NY)
Marie Carroll (Mary Esther, FL)
Viaura Centeno (Sarasota, FL)
Jennifer Delgado (Henderson, NV)
Samantha Dunbar (Australia)
Dawn Fernandez (Peoria, AZ)
Bianka Horvath (Hungary)
Meni Moskowski (Canada)
Allison Moyer (Lancaster, PA)
Alessandra De Oliveira (Brazil)
Alessandra Barata Pinheiro (Brazil)
Carol Whitenack (Spotsylvania, PA)
Caroline Zawadski (Brazil)

Figure F Class (17)
Tina Anderson (Woodstock, CA)
Tricia Bailey (Howell, MI)
Emese Bakular (Hungary)
Kelly Belevender (East Point, MI)
Kelsey Boe (Elkhorn, NE)
Cari Crachiola (Santa Rosa, CA)
Tina Freeze (Rio Rancho, NM)
Jessica Hansbauer (West Chester, Ohio)
Beata Karaskova (Slovakia)
Jennica Kidd (Westerville, Ohio)
Alexandra Sif Nikulasdottir (Iceland)
Monica Richard (Apex, NC)
Maeme Lacerda Da Rocha (Brazil)
Christine Schranz (Austria)
Mariana Simoneta (Argentina)
Ljuba Pantovic Subotic (Serbia)
Tia Trent (New Albany, Ohio)

Short Class (18)

Jennifer Berkowitz (Columbus, Ohio)
Shyrlena Bogard (Ottawa, IL)
Tracy Grogg (West Jefferson, OH)
Maria Laura Lomonaco (Argentina)
Jodie Luther-Kofod (Savannah, GA)
Kerlanda Martial (Boca Raton, FL)
Angie Morales (Corbin, KY)
Lynn Nichols (Newark, Ohio)
Bozzao Roberta (Italy)
Marie Silmari (Finland)
Marli Rodrigues Da Silva (Brazil)
Beth Siracuse (Columbus, Ohio)
Viviana Smerilli (Coral Springs, FL)
Sabrina Sonner (Island, KY)
Susan Thorn (Lincoln, CA)
Luciane Vieira (Brazil)
Nicole Wilkenfeld (Houston, TX)
Barbie Zweifel (Chicago, IL)

Medium Class (12)
LeNora Angles (Gahanna, Ohio)
Tiffany Karnig (Aurora, CO)
Julie Keirse (Naperville, IL)
Kristin Krist Jansdottir (Iceland)
Lee Lance (Arden, NC)
Brenda Lauver (Bernville, PA)
Yvonne Melendrez (Reynoldsburg, Ohio)
Vicki Mullins (Chattanooga, TN)
Tammi Perry (Santon, TX)
Michelle Price (South Africa)
June Robins (Sarasota, FL)
Paula Salvatore (Buffalo, NY)

Tall Class (10)
Sondra Briese (Fulton, IL)
Stacey Eiken (Oconomowoc, WI)
Terri Schroeder Goins (Boise, ID)
Traci Lee Helgerson (Burke, VA)
Keneese McNamer (Bolingbrook, IL)
Jenny Parr (Blackshear, GA)
Valerie Richman (Canada)
Nina-Marie Richter (South Africa)
Sheila Salinas (Richland, WA)
Yolanda Slaughter (Dallas, TX)
Sherri Stokes (Olympia, WA)

Classes Unknown (5)
Gianni Bento De Souza Almeida (Brazil)
Laura Saccomani (Paraguay)
Daniela Santarelli (Paraguay)

Bikini A Class (18)
Harmony Cannon (Covington, KY)
Evette Cano (Hilliard, Ohio)
Gemmalyn Crosby (Seminole, FL)
Elspeth Dana (Dayton, Ohio)
Ilene Feldman (Mahwah, NJ)
Jessica Fletcher (Coral Springs, FL)
Laiza Fret (Puerto Rico)
Milva Galati (Narbeth, PA)
Sydney Hollingsworth (Northglenn, CO)
Lisa Humble (Clayton, NC)
Akia Jenkins (Rutledge, PA)
Monica Long (Bayonne, NJ)
Samantha Maycock (Dallas, GA)
Nicole Morrow (Dayton, Ohio)
Mymuna Nasrin (Canada)
Lucinda Richards (Yorktown, VA)
Francine Slobodnik (Naperville, IL)
Violeta Torregrosa-Ayala (Orlando, FL)

Bikini B Class (20)
Elena Andrade (Compton, CA)
Samantha Billig (Streetsboro, Ohio)
Rebecca Black (Columbus, Ohio)
Valerie Castillo (Dallas, TX)
Jessica De Francesca (Canada)
Maria DiNello (Naperville, IL)
Daron Fitzgerald (Fort Wayne, IN)
Rachel Greba (Verona, KY)
Pam Leather (Canada)
Caroline Mahar (Wilmington, NC)
Tara Maher (RSM, CA)
Charlotte Manley (Orlando, FL)
Kerin Martini (St. Charles, IL)
Nicole Ortiz (Lexington, KY)
Dana Paru (Tampa, FL)
Jill Reynolds (Columbus, Ohio)
Danesa Robles (Buckeye, AZ)
Lynn Sambuco (Venetia, PA)
Kristin Thom (Clarendon Hill, IL)
Melanie Velasquez (Albuquerque, NM)

Bikini C Class (48)
Anjali Antani (Naperville, IL)
Jessica Bradhurst (Reynoldsburg, Ohio)
Angeles Burke (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Kristen Burns (Aiken, SC)
Nina Cash (Beavercreek, Ohio)
Meggan Clay (Pataskala, Ohio)
Ragna Greta Eidsdottir (Iceland)
Julianne Estrada (Dover, NJ)
Brandi Faircloth (Thomasville, GA)
Aghata Fernandes (Brazil)
Tracy Gramer (Atlanta, GA)
Kristina Grogan (Pickerington, Ohio)
Kamilla Dogg Gudmundsdottir (Iceland)
Beth Hagendort (La Jolla, CA)
Hayleigh Hanna (Sunbury, Ohio)
Christine Hawke (Kenmore, NY)
Sarah Ingmanson (Henderson, NV)
Sandra Jonsdottir (Iceland)
Claudia Klobusitzky (Hungary)
Andrea Lackner (Austria)
Adriana Lampasi (St. Louis, MO)
Kapiolani Laronal (Lacey, WA)
Lindsey LeCroy (St. Petersburg, FL)
Grissel Martinez (Las Vegas, NV)
Lauren McIntire (Arlington, TX)
Jessica Moss (Bonita Springs, FL)
Tara Nailor (Harrsiburg, PA)
Maria Parraga (Bristow, VA)
Emily Pascual (Puerto Rico)
Oksana Pavlova (Ukraine)
Jessica Kay Pendergrast (New Zealand)
Candice Perfect (Anchorage, AK)
Livia Peter (Hungary)
Ashley Putney (Herkimer, NY)
Signori Roberta (Italy)
Andrea Romero (Las Cruces, NM)
Lauren Russell (Mt. Washington, KY)
Midori Rutledge (Canada)
Alina Sewell (Hurricane, WV)
Yulia Shumakova-Catron (Singapore)
Cheryl Smith (Pickerington, Ohio)
Paige Sutphin (Cleveland, Ohio)
Cassandra Taylor (Columbus, Ohio)
Bernadett Toth (Hungary)
Michelle Ulibarri (Las Vegas, NV)
Joelle Vaucher (Switzerland)
Corrine (Wakeman (Syracuse, NY)
Fernanda Zanzoni (Brazil)

Bikini D Class (40)
Holly Barker (Canada)
Johanna Bayne (Aurora, IL)
Katrina Edda Borsteindottir (Iceland)
Lisa Clementi (Rochester, NY)
Cynthia Cordoba (Crystal Lake, IL)
Zoe Daly (Australia)
Liudmyla Diachuk (Ukraine)
Devyn Dues (Westerville, Ohio)
Cara Dukes (Milford, MI)
Chrissy Game (Australia)
Magret edda Gnarr (Iceland)
Magnea Gunnarsdottir (Iceland)
Samantha Heron (Australia)
Noelle Joye (Las Vegas, NV)
Ashley Kaltwasser (Akron, Ohio)
Magret Hulda Karlsdottir (Iceland)
Victoria Kirsanova (Santa Clarita, CA)
Crystal Lanham (Mill Creek, WV)
Carissa Launderville (Kenosha, WI)
Ashley Leahy (Lewis Center, Ohio)
Sheena Lee (Lewisville, Texas)
Jana Majernikova (Slovakia)
Syreeta McDuffey (Burlington, NC)
Cassandra McMichael (Blackshear, NC)
Danielle Morellino (Forest Hills, NY)
Jeana Mullins (Loma Linda, CA)
Marcela Muzzi (Brazil)
Sigridur Omarsdottir (Iceland)
McKenzie Peacock (Pleasant Grove, Utah)
Lee Randell (Canada)
Jessica Slivka (Hilliard, Ohio)
Jenn Smith (Rockford, IL)
Natasja Van Limburg Stirum (Netherlands)
Kristrun Sveinbjornsdottir (Iceland)
Dora Sveinsdottir (Iceland)
Stacey Szatkiewicz (Tamarac, FL)
Zsuzsana Toldi (Hungary)
Brittany Walker (Dublin, Ohio)
Nikola Weiterova (Slovakia)
Nancy Young (Superior Township, MI)

Bikini E Class (32)
Pezza Anna (Italy)
Christina Barrett (Canada)
Jennifer Cardona (Puerto Rico)
Rita Catolino (Canada)
Julia Christiansen (Lake in Hills, IL)
Kylie Conroy (Stone Ridge, VA)
Jennifer Cullen (Fort Madison, IA)
Summer Denny (Indianapolis, IN)
Nicole Genarella (W. Dundee, Utah)
Dagbjort Gudbrandsdottir (Iceland)
Carrie Hensman (Canada)
Vladimira Krasova (Czech Republic)
Natalie Lynn Lichtenbert (Hoffman Estates, IL)
Jen Main (Loveland, Ohio)
Larissa Maraccini (Brazil)
Laura Markle (Madera, CA)
Alice Matos (Brazil)
Anita Metzler (Brazil)
Nakita Nedd (Jackosnville, AK)
Mayling Ng (Singapore)
Adalheidur Yr Olafsdottir (Iceland)
Sandy Paasch (Elkhorn, NE)
Holly Powell (Gorveport, Ohio)
Keri Ricker (Harrisburg, PA)
Melissa Russell (Uniontown, Ohio)
Ann Rutledge (Frankfort, KY)
Nicole Shirey (Lewis Center, Ohio)
Szilvia Sonyak (Hungary)
Olga Svyrdova (Wayne, PA)
Anna Virmajoki (Finland)
Danielle Zito (Utica, NY)

Bikini F Class (18)
Caitlyn Bellamy (Canada)
Elisabeth English (Sunbury, Ohio)
Brandi Fraser (Canada)
Stacey Grubbs (Elsmere, KY)
Jennifer Hugunin (Clinton, IA)
Catia James (Austin, TX)
Amanda Kotel (Canada)
Stephanie Krohn (Franklin, KY)
Nicole Miglis (Lynchburg, VA)
Katie Miller (Williamsburg, VA)
Amy Bella Orzechowski (Erie, PA)
Kelly Pettaway (Petersburg, VA)
Brooke Prudden (Lewis Center, OH)
Susan Sims (Lees Summit, MO)
Syda Sirin (Canada)
Ali Staneart (Johnstown, Ohio)
Robyn Stone (Canada)
Olivia Vaughn (South Africa)

Bikini Classes Unknown (4)
Genevieve Corneta Gil (Phillipines)
Mariana Gonzalez (Spain)
Noemi Rocca (Spain)

Follow Frenchy To The Arnold Amateur

We told you about NPC Figure competitor Swann Cardot last year as she was making her presence known on the competitive stage. She competed in four shows and won every one of them, the last coming with an overall victory at the NPC Easterns. Since that time, Swann has appeared in FLEX magazine and featured in Muscle & Fitness HERS. Now she’s embarking on a new journey, the road to the Arnold Amateur in Columbus, Ohio. We caught up with Swann as she prepares for her toughest challenge yet.


Isaac Hinds interviews Swann as she begins her road to the Arnold. Swann will be checking in over the next few weeks to provide an update on her Arnold Amateur prep.

Some how I’ve managed to come up with a number of nicknames for you ranging from Chick Norris, Tiny Dancer, Frenchy to Ninja. Which is your preferred nickname or just Swann?
Hahaha, Frenchy!!!

Where are you living these days?
In New York

Do you bike to the gym in the snow?
So far so good! I’m handling the cold and still ride my bike to the gym everyday. Let’s see if I’m tough enough to ride it in the snow when the days come.

You recently hit the slopes. Do ski or snowboard?
I skied and did some intense walking up and down the slopes, music blasting in my headphones. This was the best one all. My glutes were on fire!

Did you do a dance on the top of the mtn?
I actually did lol, I have a picture to prove it.

Swann Cardot doing her happy dance at the top of the mountain.

Are you still dancing or not so much?

Not right now but may start again soon.

You work with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Fakhri Mubarak. How has working with Fahkri helped you improve?
Fakhri Mubarak has been helping me with my diet and contest prep. He has figured out exactly how my body works and was able to bring me learner, fuller and harder on my last two shows. Fakhri is unbelievable at what he does! Not only he has improved my look, but also my health and my mind. Since a very young age, I was always scared of food which always took a tool on me physically and mentally. Through Fakhri I was able to learn a lot about myself, understand the mechanic of the body and become better in this sport. I trully owe a lot to my coach!

You recently received your acceptance letter to compete in Columbus. What made you decide to do the Arnold Amateur?
The Arnold Amateur IFBB International is a very big show, and also the only chance* for me to get my Pro card. After doing my last show The Eastern USA, I wanted to compete again as soon as possible. If you know me, you know how much I love stepping on stage. I feel very lucky to have got the opportunity to participate in the Arnold’s this year and I am ready to bring my best to the stage.

*Swann is not a US Citizen and unable to enter national NPC shows where IFBB pro cards are awarded.

How do you think you compare now to your previous shows – any changes in the physique?
I am currently training, focusing a lot my back and shoulders. I have put on a little more mass since my previous show so hopefully I will accomplish the goals I’ve set for myself by then.

Do you plan to come in any differently?
I would love to come in leaner and a bit harder but this is also where I have to be very careful and make sure I still bring in the look the judges are looking for in a figure competitor.

What’s your training schedule look  like?
Monday – Chest
Tuesday – Back
Wednesday – Shoulders
Thursday – Arms
Friday – Legs
Saturday – Back & Shoulders
Sunday – Off

Do you train with TRX?
I rarely train with TRX, I usually stick to weights. But I like to keep my workouts fun so I’ll throw in different techniques here and there.

Swann showing off her ninja TRX skills.

How much cardio do you do a day?
I do an hour of cardio every morning after my workout but do two cardio sessions a day during a contest prep.

How much weight do you change from “offseason” to show time?
I make sure not to put on more then 5-7lbs

I saw you’re a a fan of Muscle Eggs, how did you find out about Muscle Eggs?
I discovered Muscle Egg through my sponsor NATURAL BODY Sport Supplements, Nutrition & Vitamins. It really makes life so much easier! Check em out on

What’s your favorite way to eat them?
I am French and love crepes. Here’s the way I make them. Cook a very thin layer of muscle egg liquid in a pan and use butter spray as topping. For thicker crepes, you can also blend it with protein powder & oat meal. Very yummy, you should try!

I will Try the “Frenchy Muscle Egg Crepe” today. Something tells me I may need some tips on cooking a good crepe though. HA!

Any secret for making chicken taste better?
I cook my chicken with pepper, oregano & fat free spicy brown mustard from Gulden’s.

Ok, I don’t do mustard but for everyone else that might work.

How many meals a day do you eat?
6 meals.

Who will be making your suit? Silvia has made all my suits, she is very talented and quick.

You were featured in FLEX and Muscle & Fitness HERS – how was it shooting for a magazine?
It was a unique experience. Shooting for a fitness spread is physically very intense, a lots of reps over and over, it is also hard to stay pump and full for hours. My recommendation is make sure you bring enough food with you!!! I absolutely enjoyed it and looking forward to shoot again this year. Fingers crossed…

How does a ninja relax on the weekends?
On my day off I love to spend time at home, do all my cleaning, watch movies, hang out with friends, go shopping.

What’s something you want to accomplish in the fitness industry that you haven’t yet?
I would love to become a spoke model. I think I need to improve my English, the way I express myself and be more relaxed in front for the camera. I am actually considering taking improv classes for that purpose. Overall lots of work my way! 😉

A Frenchy’s work is never done. Thanks for doing the interview and keep training hard. If people have questions for you as you prep for the Arnold Amateur where can they reach ya?
I’m on twitter @swannCardot and Facebook.


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Super Bowl Predictions, The Commercials, Snacks & More with Your Favorite Hardbodies

This weekend the Super Bowl takes place in New Orleans and we caught up with some of your favorite hardbody women to ask them who would win. What does cover model Jamie Eason like for Super Bowl snack? Who does Nike master trainer, Marie Purvis think will win? How about Miss Supercross Dianna Dahlgen will she stick with her home state of Cali for the win? Will the Puppy Bowl be more exciting than the Super Bowl? Read on…



th_marie-purvis Marie Purvis – Top Personal Trainer – @mariepurvis

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens?
The 49ers of course are going to win; the Ravens beat my Broncos!

Final Score: 21-14 49ers haha I totally made that up, but a good guess. 😉

More exciting the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl? Well, although I’m a huge fan of puppies I’m going w the Super Bowl.

More exciting the commercials or the game? Let’s be honest we all watch the Super Bowl partly because we love to see what wild commercials there will be. 🙂

Favorite healthy snack for watching the Super Bowl? Favorite snack is pretty typical. I love avocado stuffed with bay shrimp & salsa or I like homemade curry coconut shrimp.


th_jamieeason Jamie Eason – Cover Model/Fitness Personality – @Jamie_Eason

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens?
I’m going with Baltimore because Ray Lewis is retiring this year. His team will likely rally around him. They also have a good defense and they say its the defense that wins championships.

Final Score: This is a random guess – 35 to 24, Baltimore winning

More exciting the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl? The Super Bowl and the Puppy Bowl are close but I don’t think I’d pay the same kind of money for PB tickets as many people do for SB.

More exciting the commercials or the game? The commercials sadly haven’t lived up to the hype in years. They used to be my favorite part.

Favorite healthy snack for watching the Super Bowl? For a healthy SB snack, I’d have to go with buffalo sliders and raw veggies with hummus.


th_swann Swann “Frenchy” Cardot – IFBB Pro – @SwannCardot
I’ll be too busy cooking up something new to watch.


th_nicole Nicole Wilkins – IFBB Pro – @NicoleMWilkins

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens?
  I am going to guess the 49ers.

Final Score: um

More exciting the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl? The Super Bowl.  I’ve never watched the Puppy Bowl.

More exciting the commercials or the game? The commercials, unless of course I was at the game.

Favorite healthy snack for watching the Super Bowl? Homemade tortilla chips and salsa


th_amanda-latona Amanda Latona – IFBB Pro – @AmandaLatona

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens?
 I think Ravens will win. Well I hope anyway, that’s who I’ll be routing for come Sunday.

Final Score:  Ravens 31. 49ers 17

More exciting the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl? What’s a puppy bowl? Sounds exciting though.

More exciting the commercials or the game? Few things are more exciting then the Super Bowl game on TV the entire year. Period.

Favorite healthy snack for watching the Super Bowl? Its the Super Bowl. I’m an American. Eat clean all week. Sunday cheat day. I’m getting pappa johns. Doritos and beer. Legs on monday 🙂 holllllllla


th_tianna Tianna Ta – IFBB Pro / MTV MADE Coach – @TiannaTa

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens? The Patri….oh wait, the Pats didn’t show up to play last week against the Ravens! I’ve got to give it to Baltimore for smashing my home team, the Patriots 🙁

Final Score: 21-17

More exciting the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl? Ha! I’m looking forward to the Puppy Bowl! If New England was actually playing, I’d be more interested, but this year, puppies are it.

More exciting the commercials or the game? The commercials during the Super Bowl are always epic and entertaining!

Favorite healthy snack for watching the Super Bowl? Buffalo wings…hold the celery 😉


th_lisaperry Lisa Perry – Former NFL Cheerleader / Makeup Artist – @MissLisaPerry

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens?

Final Score: RAVENS 21 – 49ERS 20 (Ravens will not cover the spread)

More exciting the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl? The only dawgs I’m thinking about are how pathetic the Browns must feel because the Ravens dominated them in the AFC North.

More exciting the commercials or the game?  Never watch commercials – drink break, food break & white porcelain break

Favorite healthy snack for watching the Super Bowl?  Does Vodka Tonic count?


th_diannadahlgren Dianna Dahlgren – Miss Supercross, Cover Model – @diannadahlgren

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens?
Since I’m a Cali girl I’m going for the 49ers!!!

Final Score: Uhmmm doesn’t matter! Lol as long as the 49ers win

More exciting the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl? WTF is a puppy bowl!?

More exciting the commercials or the game? I’ll admit the commercials are pretty damn funny.

Favorite healthy snack for watching the Super Bowl? Oooo home made (baked) chips and salsa!!!


th_desiree Desireee Niemann – IFBB Pro – @desireeniemann

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens?
Its a toss up. Whoever’s defense shows up on Sunday will win. I’ll go with the 49ers though.

Final Score: 24-21

More exciting the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl? Puppy bowl is cute, but the Super Bowl is where the excitement is!

More exciting the commercials or the game? I look forward to the commercials every year, they are the best!

Favorite healthy snack for watching the Super Bowl? Spinach artichoke dip.


th_monique-gantt Monique Gantt – IFBB Pro –

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens?
San Fran!

Final Score: 32-30

More exciting the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl? Super Bowl of course, although I’m guilty of watching the puppy bowl.

More exciting the commercials or the game? I’m split 50/50

Favorite healthy snack for watching the Super Bowl? I love celery and diet coke lol.


th_cindy-whitehead Cindy “The SportsStylist®” Whitehead – Professional Skateboader, Stylist – @SportsStylist

I’ll be skateboarding dude.


th_yeshaira Yeshaira Robles – IFBB Pro – @yeshaira

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens?
I pick Baltimore Ravens.

Final Score: 31-17

More exciting the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl? Super Bowl.

More exciting the commercials or the game? I love the commercials.

Favorite healthy snack for watching the Super Bowl? Carrots and celery.


th_trish-warren Trish Warren – IFBB Pro – @trishwarren

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens? Ravens

Final Score: 35-21

More exciting the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl? Super Bowl

More exciting the commercials or the game? The game.

Favorite healthy snack for watching the Super Bowl? Hummus and bell peppers- which I can’t have this year. (Trish is prepping for the Fitness International).


th_greenwood Tracey Greenwood – IFBB Pro – @onefitphd

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens?

Final Score: 28-17

More exciting the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl? Really????  Do we REALLY need to ask me this??

More exciting the commercials or the game? PUPPY BOWL

Favorite healthy snack for watching the Super Bowl? hummus and veggies


th_teresa Teresa Anthony – IFBB Pro – @FitTeresaNicole

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens?
Rolling with the Baltimore Ravens

Final Score: 27-24

More exciting the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl? Super Bowl all the way

More exciting the commercials or the game? Close call but I’m giving the edge to the game!

Favorite healthy snack for watching the Super Bowl? Healthy….no way chicken fingers baby and honey mustard! Ok will drink water with them! 🙂


Arnold Training Video – Frenchy Gets Physical

NPC Figure Champ, Swan Cardot aka Frenchy is training her butt off en route to the 2012 Arnold Amateur. Check out the latest video from Swann as she hits the gym and gives a glimpse of what she’ll bring to the stage.

Swann arm training video

You can follow Swann’s prep on her facebook page and via twitter. She’s A HARDBODY!

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.